Monday, October 19, 2009

These words get overused when we get up and over it and over them

This is listed as part of the "requirements & preferred experience" section of a job I came across today - Just enough social awkwardness to be endearing. I think that has to be the best requirement for a job ever.

I've had a bit of an odd day. Nothing really substantial, just little things. I've felt a bit out of it for most of the day. I've fallen completely off the healthy eating band-wagon thanks to the wonderfully delicious fudge my mum brought back from the Hunter. Best fudge I've had in ages om nom nom. I've also acquired a bag of 'Flings' on my way home, which is probably the only South African thing I go completely nuts over when I see it. Whenever we actually go to South Africa, I end up buying like twenty bags and you can find me covered in the corner at the end of the second night covered in the yellow residue of shaaaame. I don't know what it is about them, but I seriously adore it. So I've finished most of that as well tonight. The Wii Fit is so going to complain tomorrow.

Speaking of the Wii Fit, they released a companion pack (creatively entitled Wii Fit Plus, bless them) which is so epically made of win. I love it, I can finally have a routine that runs straight through. The inclusion of rhythm kung fu and cycling also led to all kinds of hilarity, so thanks for that. I'm definitely a Wii Fit advocate, it's been the absolute perfect thing for me.

I had such plans for tomorrow. They included having lunch with my mum and going shopping since I need new sunglasses, denim shorts, and those skinny black Levi's I've been eyeing since June. Alas, it was not to be. Mandy now wants to see me, so in to uni we trudge. Oh god I hope that draft is ok to be submitted, I can't wring any more words out of it, it's already a 106 over the limit.

Meanwhile, I still don't have any theory work *breathes into paper bag* I have however read and commented on 3 other individuals' uni work. If only I had the same enthusiasm for my stuff as I had for other people's. I just don't really like theory, what can I say, I find it annoying and contradictory and I'm far too subjective to care.

Good news, however, my Kill Hannah 'Wake up the Sleepers' cd has arrived, along with the signed booklet. Now I have two things signed by Monsieur Devine, one of course at the hands of the lovely Abbi who he blatantly lied to. I'm still waiting for that tour "soon."

Mat, if by the power of google you ever stumble upon this (much to your horror I'm sure), I promise to keep you adequately stocked in the wine of your choice for the duration of the tour if you would finally be so kind as to venture here. There are many weird creatures for you to pontificate over, and far too many odd specimens of human to allow you to lament the fate of humanity. I'm sure you will find it an interesting experience.

Closing remark for the day: I really rely far too much on Google Reader.


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