Sunday, October 18, 2009

The riot squad is restless

Gah. I'm feeling antsy and I hate it.

I made that Banoffee pie yesterday and I think I did a fantastic job if I do say so myself, even mashing four different recipes together and sometimes going "um yeah, I don't think so" and doing something else. Why, for example, would I make my own caramel when I can buy a can of deliciousness that's ready to go? I actually had a lovely afternoon after work. I had the house to myself since the parentals were off wine tasting in the Hunter Valley. I believe we now have enough wine to last us for the next year. Anyone who saw my tweets will have inferred that I watched a countdown on Channel V during this impromptu baking/cooking spree. Conclusion, I love this kitchen.

I then proceeded to get drenched en route to a DIY punk gig as the bus broke down. After 15 minutes waiting for a replacement bus, I gave up and trudged back to the station. Fail.

Today, I resisted the urge to crawl under the duvet and never emerge again. Hour and a half exercising. Vacuuming. Reading the newspaper. Life is one big exciting event after another. Rest of the day will consist of hopefully uni work and taking Oreo for a walk if it stops raining long enough.

As I said before - Gah.

Music: Desolation row - My Chemical Romance
Mood: Restless


  1. It actually sounds kind of... cosy?

  2. Cosy's good...decidedly more comfortable thn boring.