Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Don't you worry, there's still time

I had the best night last night, it was just so unbelievably lovely on all levels. A perfect night in. It was Em's birthday (Happy birthday Em! "I can't believe it's been a whole year since your birthday" - actual piece of wisdom uttered by yours truly during the night) and the always gracious R had us all over for dinner at hers. By all I mean the three amigos and Em's boyfriend, apparently the king of pop culture board games which should make our upcoming trivial pursuit challenge nice and competitive. The dinner was v nice, there was wine, there was the Bollywood Oscars and a very dramatic tv show or some such that I still insist starred George Costanza, and board games. Oh yes, we're cutting edge, we are. I haven't played board games in far too long and it was heaps of fun. Besides R and I totally kicked ass on the Murder Mystery one, reading all those Agatha Christie's are paying off!

It's Lily, in the garden, with a venomous snake!
Oh come on, no one kills someone with a snake for fame!
It's Lily, it's Lily, it's Rusty, it's LILY! SEE I TOLD YOU!
It's always Lily.

Epic amounts of fun.

Anyway, GUESS WHAT? It's 2AM but I've finally finished the first draft of my theory. Mwahahahahaha. Surely, world domination is not far off. Honestly though, it's complete rubbish and I doubt it makes any sense, let alone has a coherent argument. It's also 76 words over the limit but once I cross out the mindless rambling, it'll probably be 4,000 words under. Um yeah. But something has been done at least! That's a pro, surely.

Now I await what will no doubt be kindly worded feedback about how much it sucks. Hee. I don't know why this makes me giggle. It must be a iced red tea overdose.

Also, it being the 28th and all, I shall post another playlist at some point as well as a link for the previous one for Sanna. Look at me, not forgetting! I'm not sure when. I have to take my car in for a quick check as well as possibly going to the movies, but I'll get it done somewhere in there.

Music: You wouldn't like me - Tegan and Sara
Mood: Satisfied

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