Monday, March 29, 2010

When smileys go bad

I think my quote of the day is something I just said to Abs - "You're not even a smiley, you're just punctuation gone wrong!"

I'm not giving context.

Today has been a bit manic, I'm operating on like two hours sleep thanks to a dose of stressing-about-inevitable-things insomnia and it was agony having to wake up. Work was luckily busy so I didn't feel like I was going to slowly wither and die. The stress hadn't quite left me yet so I spent the morning cleaning the surgery when I had some down time - this is a curious habit I've noticed recently - I clean when I'm stressed.

I had a meeting about exchange opportunities at 2 so I had to leave straight after work. It was fairly disheartening as I can't see how any post-graduate can reasonably afford it. As a post-grad student you aren't entitled to many of the scholarships, and they recommend that you have at least $10,000 to cover you for the semester. I can't save that much in a year! What am I, the mint? I've been accepted into this leadership program at UTS which suggests courses and internships as well, but again, post-grads aren't entitled to the scholarships and loans. Which is a shame because I wouldn't have minded doing a short course of history or literature at Cambridge. But c'est la guerre. I'm just going to everything and keeping my options open.

I had good intentions of working in the library afterwards as I was supposed to meet Em for dinner later, but the place was absolutely packed. I could not find an open table. The nerds! So I dragged myself back the way I had come to see if I could find a little nook in the Tower. While I was there, I checked up on my application to be exempt from Non-Fiction since I hadn't heard anything and was getting a bit nervous (it is a core subject and I need it to do my writing core). All was well and I had been granted an automatic credit. I was hoping to have all distinctions and higher this semester, but one credit won't hurt the average, as long as the others stay up, so I'm not going to fuss over it. They then informed me that I've actually been eligible for a travel concession this entire time but no longer, as I only have two subjects, and that I should come back next semester to have it validated. Ah universities, one person says A, another says B, and they never speak to each other. The joy.

Aaaaanyway, I did find a little nook and was highly amused when another student plonked down beside me, arranged his laptop, shuffled his papers, looked very purposeful and then promptly fell asleep, head on the keyboard. That's the kind of dedication I love to see at uni. I myself didn't get much work done to be honest. I wrote a really vague piece on what I wish to pursue in one of my critical pieces and then did some work on this vampire fic I've been writing. I continued with this in Gloria Jeans later and felt like such a cliche, sitting in Newtown and writing about vampires *shakes head*

In my mad dash out of the house this morning, I had stupidly forgotten Em's belated birthday/christmas present *headdesk* But at least I got to see her, it feels like it's been forever. We had a lovely dinner and, in typical us fashion, were home by 8. Yes, we are nanas. I'll hopefully get to catch up with R soon, I haven't seen her in even longer. Trying to match schedules is just obscene. Stupid so-called real world *mutters*

Now hopefully I manage to get some sleep tonight, otherwise I have very little chance of staying awake for critical writing. My only saving grace in that class is copious amounts of caffeine.

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