Friday, March 5, 2010

Mysteries of the universe

Randomly watching End of Time part 2 and I have to say (cause I don't think I did in the original post-viewing post) I really do not like the fact that Martha ends up with Mickey. What happened to Tom?? I liked Tom. It just perplexes me. Martha deserves more than Rose's seconds - "Sorry Martha, I got to the Doctor first, but hey I don't need Mickey anymore so why don't you take him?" I'm with Nine here, Mickey the idiot.

I'm not even going to mention the bar scene again cause it makes me shouty and annoyed. Shouty and annoyed.

On a completely different note, really? No one wants to go to the theatre with me? Is it because you're all lazy bastards? What about if I paid for you, will you come along then? C'mon, it finishes on Sunday!

Moonlight Cinema has been cancelled due to the rain - this is the second time this has happened to me, I'm clearly not destined to go. Alas I have no choice but to do some uni work...

Edit 22:01 - I've decided to clear out my hard drive(s) and as I go, I will be posting the random things I've hoarded over the years on the Tumblr I created especially for this procrastinating purpose - for any interested parties it be here. I've started at the top, so it's mostly of the emo band variety at the moment.

Music: La televisión
Mood: Annoyed

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