Sunday, March 21, 2010

The week that was

Doctor Who trailers, Doctor Who trailers for all! It starts here the weekend we're in Melbourne for Supanova. I'm quite happy with the ABC actually, it's only two weeks behind the UK (the same time as the US), and they're going to be putting the episodes on their iViewer before it actually airs. All things said though, I'm quite looking forward to it. Eeep new stuff!

The Richard Dean Anderson/Macgyver episode of the Simpsons was on the other day - the one where Patty and Selma kidnap him from a Stargate convention. I realised that I could no longer laugh in a 'I can't believe people go to these things' way, only in a self-depreciating way since I now actually go to things like that *taps lip* I'm still unsure how this happened. I blame Lord of the Rings, that's where it started...

We are all booked for Melbourne geek!fest, which is not too far away actually. We're staying at the Hilton, schawing. Now I must just remember to do any uni work before we go and actually book a flight. They're looking good though so I should have no problem getting a seat. Also I misunderstood the pricing before so it's half what I initially thought it was going to be. Double schawing. I'm going to miss staff travel. Maybe I should become a flight attendant. Travel the world, write on the days off. Hmmm doesn't sound too bad actually. I deal with annoying and sick people as it is already, how much worse could it be? *strokes beard*

Anyway, on the topic of swish things, I visited Tiffany's this week to finally get Em's woefully late birthday/christmas present. I am sad to report that they still don't serve breakfast. I believe that, as I am the purveyor of little blue boxes, this makes me the best boyfriend ever, no? Ah the lulz.

I had to go into the city to pick up a book for Critical Writing (Point Omega by Don DeLillo). I was supposed to get the new Ian McEwan, Solar, as well but it only came out two days ago and is thus a ludicrous price for a book I don't actually want. I am sorry if I'm hampering the Australian Publishing Industry by doing this, but I'd rather get it from The Book Depository and save $10. Sure I have to wait a week for it to arrive, but in the long run this works out much cheaper for me which means I can buy more books. Grumps. I am hoping he doesn't want us to read 'The Road' as well, the movie was depressing enough. I have however finished the DeLilllo, and that is essentially the extent of my productivity this weekend.

In news of the real, had a rather disaffected week. My critical writing class aren't too fond of me because I have an eclectic knowledge of current films and tell them when they're wrong about something (like 'Moon' coming out last week. Uh yeah, whatever. It's on DVD already.) Also because Martin likes saying things like "you know this already" and "of course you've already come across this" to me during class. It doesn't endear me to the masses. In Advanced Narrative Writing, I had to workshop one of the pieces I'm submitting next week (which is fortunate since I've only written one thanks to the stupid block) and I got such a positive response, which is always nice. Oddly enough they all thought I was writing about vampires, so now due to popular demand I am actually writing a piece about vampires. Provided I manage to write something fit to be read by other human beings, of course.

The worst news of the week was by far PC quitting. He is the supplier of all my television shows at mum's work. What I am going to do without him, I do not know. I cannot go back to watching normal television...that means waiting for stuff! Asdfghjkl; I don't even know.

Other than that, work is work is work. And that's it really.

Now. Ahem. Torchwood Rant Alert. Abbi sent me this link last night. I haven't been able to track down the original Entertainment Weekly article, if that is indeed where the rumour started, but a lot of sites have reblogged the news of the supposed "de-gaying" of Jack. The link was certainly the first I ever heard of it and as I was actually out with mum and friends when I heard it, I had to internalise my outrage. And outraged I am.

I mean come on, way to try and change a character. Think about it, from the very first time he appeared on screen, what has Jack been if not a casanova, indiscriminately free and easy with his emotions, hmm? It's the first thing you learn about him. Essentially making Jack exclusively straight makes him conventional, and I will be so disappointed if Torchwood gives in to that like every other lame-ass television show. How many times do we have to go over this - nobody watches Torchwood for convention.

Torchwood have taken a lot of things from me these past few years (Ianto, my dignity etc) if they take Jack too, I will be devastated. And very very angry. I cannot believe that John would ever agree to it, but if he does I will lose all respect for him. And all things considered I do respect him because I think he's always been unapologetically himself. Even when that is an attention mongering nutter. If they are so pathetically eager to cash in on a new market and abandon everyone and everything that got them there, well...I won't suffer any traitorous merch in my house and that is a promise. Maybe I'll box it all up and send it back to them. Hmm.

It's so disappointing to think that they're even considering it, I mean the fact that they are...what does that say? I do not attend marches for equality to have my favourite tv show back down so spectacularly on everything it originally stood for. I can't even....just gah. I am just going to keep the faith and believe that it is all a hideous misunderstanding.

And on that note, we digress. To the vampire story! *cape swoosh*

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