Sunday, March 28, 2010

Smell of cinders and rain

Consistent blogging hasn't been a strong point lately, I don't know what's going on. I just don't seem to get around to it. I suppose I've been busy.

It's been a trying weekend at home, we had one of our large-scale falling outs on Friday so for most of the time no one was talking to anyone else. The atmosphere has been toxic and I haven't been very productive. It's too exhausting.

I've been reading for most part - I finished The Road on Friday morning, which wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it was going to be. I do think it tries a little too hard but I thought it was quite easy to get through, especially since I tried to do it in one sitting (I find once I put something down that I don't actually want to read, picking it up again is a nightmare - case in point Great Expectations which I still haven't finished.) The most annoying thing about it for me personally is not knowing what caused this apocalypse. It seems general consensus (within my class anyway) is nuclear attack but this makes no sense to me - if it is indeed the whole world that is affected, where did the attack originate? Or was it one of those situations where both powers pushed the button at the same time? And besides that, why isn't everyone dead then? I mean sure, some people could survive and if they remained within that area, that would be alright, but we are talking about people roaming for thousands of miles, through desolate cities, drinking the water from rivers, streams and lakes - I'm sorry, but they should all be dying from radiation poisoning. So, I suppose natural disaster is the next option - but something to destroy the entire world? Krakatoa? Eh.

Which brings me to the book I am currently reading, Solar. I cannot take this book seriously. I think it is meant to be a satire, but I mean to me it's just a giant farcical mess. For one thing, the protagonist Michael Beard reminds me so much of my first boss, it's absurd. He was also named Michael, English and had an obsession with crisps. Not to mention pompous, narcissistic and that, for some reason, he thought he was god's gift to women despite the fact that he was balding and overweight. The only difference is that Beard is a Nobel Laureate wheras Michael just suffered from displaced delusions of grandeur. Secondly, Beard has such a contemptuous attitude towards the Social Sciences and, as he is a theoretical physicist, all I can hear in my head the entire time is Sheldon Cooper from The Big Bang Theory going "The social sciences are largely hokum." However, the thing that really pushed me over the edge came on page 148 with the line -
'The planet,' he said, surprising himself, 'is sick.'
Harold Saxon promptly popped up in a thought bubble above my head to chime in with, "What this country needs, is a Doctor." I just cracked up laughing, I couldn't help myself. There is absolutely no possible way for me to take this text seriously now. None. The Master is trying to sell us solar energy, what am I to do with this?

Other than that, I've been languishing about procrastinating when I haven't been gigging. You know what annoys me at gigs? People who talk during sets. Brand New is a quiet band (by quiet I mean introspective and melancholy, they are more than capable of putting up a wall of noise a lot of the time) compared to many others, but I think they create an amazing intensity that is just so easy to get lost in. I find it so grating when people stand around chatting as if they're in Starbucks. Why bother coming to the gig? Surely they know this is the kind of music the band plays, so they can't possibly be bored, therefore I can only conclude that they are idiots. Sigh. I've got Gogol Bordello on Wednesday (or Tuesday, but I think it's Wednesday) so suffice it to say my credit card hates me right now. My sanity on the other hand remains in tact. I think the latter outweighs the former.

April is looming, the month of fandom extravagance. I saw the clips released from the new Who season, and I think the term I'm looking for is 'eager anticipation.' Eep!

Anyway, I best not ramble, I have eleven more things on my to-do list that has to be done now as tomorrow is already frantic - it includes a meeting at uni straight after work and dinner with Em.

Remember kids, sleep is for the weak.

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