Saturday, March 13, 2010

Shelter me oh genius words

See, it's all good and well to get a pair of the currently highly fashionable over-the-knee boots but I fear I'll never be able to wear them again. Come next season, they'll be hooker boots again and will be regulated to the back of the closet. So I'll refrain from buying said boots, no matter how many "oooh shiny!" moments I have. Instead I'll buy ankle boots from General Pants...and jackets....shirts....sweater dresses...someone save me from myself!

But yes. Hi blog, how have you been? Haven't really been using you in my normal rambly fashion. I've been spending significantly less time online since being back at uni. You'd think this meant I was doing uni work, but not really. Tomorrow morning though, definitely.

Classes have been going well though. Critical writing is a bit of a challenge as Martin treats me as if I should know everything already and it always takes me a while to absorb theory, so quick-fire discussions have never been a particularly strong point. But I feel confident enough to chip in when it suits me, so that's what counts. Advanced Narrative Writing is the opposite because I feel as if I actually do know everything already and so am highly amused observing the others. Which upon reflection sounds mean, but I do it in good spirit. I get along fairly well with everyone in that class, which is good as we are assigned a partner to read all your work before your class workshop - sort of like a double workshop. My partner is an ex-English teacher who is absolutely lovely and even gave me a book last week because she had a spare. She's waiting on my short pieces which I, in typical me fashion, am still to write. I did have a bout of annoyance on Wednesday though because the first person to workshop was uber-defensive and spent 90% of the time explaining her choices in order to sidestep the criticism. This always annoys me because it completely negates the point of workshopping. Just because someone suggests something isn't working doesn't necessarily mean you have to listen to them, but explaining the whos, whys and whats is completely counterproductive. Just think of it this way - when someone reads your work one day, you won't be sitting next to them explaining everything. Your writing should do that for itself *shrugs* It always annoys me because it drags the entire workshopping process out longer than it needs to be and makes it painful for all involved. I'll be workshopping first next week because it'll be St. Patrick's Day and I'm hoping to get out of class early.

That's uni. Life is frightfully dull the rest of the time - work, work, work. It was dad's birthday today, so it was the usual scramble for cards and vouchers. I went to see The Used last night, which was much needed. I have a bit of a cold but wasn't going to let that deter me - these tickets have been nothing but drama, the gig was originally supposed to happen last November and for reasons I no longer recall was rescheduled. Anywho, it was a good night. Even arriving an hour and a half after doors, I still had to wait about twenty minutes for them to take the stage - why does it always take so long? I spent most of this time lamenting regrettable tights-wearing by a group of girls (Singlets and tights do not mix. Ever.) and noting how emo has really well-and-truly left the building. I was expecting the usual sea of black, and it wasn't to be found. Sure the black tshirts were still out in force, but so were colours and denim shorts. Overall though, it was a strong crowd who were completely into it once the band took the stage. The entire floor was virtually a mosh. I often wonder what it is about bands like MCR and The Used particularly that inspire this level of engagement and fanaticism (they're the only ones I've ever witnessed it at on this level). On that note, it was sort of funny, and I suppose nostalgic, to remember a time when I liked The Used more than My Chem, and indeed only really got to know the latter because of their involvement with the former. Seems so long ago.

As for the actual gig, I thought they played a nicely balanced set with old and new, if only to reinforce my belief that their old stuff is way better than the new songs. Bert was in fine hobosexual form, encouraging any drug use in the crowd, and he was on the verge of declaring that he wants to live here when a shoe scraped past his head - that's right, a shoe. His response? "Well I'm not fucking moving here now!" I am a bit disappointed I've never seen him at full vocal strength as he still leaves most of the rougher parts to Quinn, Jeph or the crowd. Side note, I've never realised how tiny Jeph is! They had some sound issues but luckily it seemed to clear up during the night. I think we got about an hour and a half set out of them, and they did all the songs I wanted to hear so I'm not complaining. I'd forgotten how much I adored 'Blue & Yellow' so that was a definite highlight. Considering what I said earlier about the old and new songs, it must be said that 'Pretty Handsome Awkward' is one hell of a song. Utterly epic.

All in all, I'm definitely glad I went though in some roundabout fashion it is the most expensive gig I've attended so far. Along with AFI, I can now tick them off the list of bands I've somehow shamefully not seen live. Taking Back Sunday are still the most elusive of the lot, I miss them every single time they're out here, but one day it'll happen.

The great thing about it all is that gigs just seem to reset my equilibrium - somehow they make the world balanced and level again. I always feel so much better walking out of a venue than I normally do going in. They don't even have to be particularly good gigs (oh and don't the really amazing ones just occupy an entirely different sphere, total high), just the act of seeing a band I enjoy somehow makes everything right again. Even if I have the sniffles.

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