Thursday, April 1, 2010

Meme catch-up...again

> Day 25: Your day, in great detail

Ok. You asked for it. Tuesday, 30 March. Go.

7.30: Alarm goes off. (It's actually 7.20 as I set my clock early in a vain attempt to actually get up on time.) Hit snooze.
7.40: Alarm goes off. Hit snooze.
7.55: Alarm goes off again. This morning is not a good one. It's raining and I don't want to move. I curse the day I was born and drag self out of bed.
8.02: Real Time. Though my phone has already gone off daylight saving and it says 7. Sigh. Stumble down stairs. Realise I left phone upstairs and go back, grumbling.
8:05: Manage to get to kitchen for coffee. Hmmm coffee.
8:09: Now technically late. Grab yogurt for later and assortment of keys. Stumble to front door.
8:34: After being stuck in atrocious traffic thanks to the rain, actually make it to work, and only four minutes late. Not too bad.
8:35: First thing I need to do is sort out another death certificate. This is clearly a bad week. I hate doing these.
9.35: Stupidly busy at work, barely have time to breathe. It's the rain, it always brings a crowd - I often think people just don't want to go to work.
9.40: Abbi informs me of the shuffle in the TBS line-up. It's not technically a band, it's a soap opera.
9.50: See the words Ricky Martin on Twitter and know I will spend the entire day singing stupid songs I haven't heard since I was twelve.
10:00: So dizzy. Ugh. Stupid insomnia.
10:35: Another death certificate. Joy.
12:10: Guy arrives to pick up the first certificate. He is such a stereotypical undertaker it's almost comical.
13:00: Arrive home with lofty plans of doing everything I'm supposed to super quickly so I can have a nap. First things first though, time to power up the Wii for the daily exercise nonsense.
14:00: Done and done, get online to do some research for class and end up getting distracted by other things instead (not entirely unexpected). Am surprised by the new TARDIS interior and don't rightly know how I feel. "Window" shop geek t-shirts like this zombie one.
15:00: All hopes of a nap have evaporated. Send off a couple of emails, register for a bunch of uni events and pack my bag.
16:00: Pop dinner in the oven and head upstairs to get ready. Cannot find a single piece of clothing I am happy with. I hate this time of year, hate it. By the time I come back downstairs I realise I am running late. Yet again.
16:55: Having consumed dinner at alarming pace and done a bad job of cleaning up after myself, I manage to get out the door.
17:09: Make the express train, feeling slightly overheated. Dammit. Listening to the self-titled Say Anything greatly improves my mood, however.
17:45: Raining in the city and I am fast losing my temper with people who seem to think a few drops of water will kill them. They all walk uber slowly as they cram under the awnings and as we wait at the lights they brandish their umbrellas, stabbing me in the head more often than not. As soon as opportunity allows, I breeze past in the rain to avoid a newsworthy murder-spree.
17:50: Saunter into class. There are already people here! Don't know why they're all so early, I'm used to being the first person around. Have to dispose of leather jacket as the heating seems to be on and notice a huge bruise forming on left upper arm. It is roughly the size of a coffee mug and fast turning a nasty shade of purple. Have vague recollection of banging into front door in my rush to leave. Not amused.
18:00: Class commences.
18:10: Realise that it is going to be incredibly hard to sit through this class in my tired state. Also as there were no official readings there seems to be a lack of structure.
18:15: Discussing assignments and more painfully obtuse questions are being asked. I feel yet again that I have been at uni too long.
19:00: I am fast losing the will to live. Perhaps the dullest class of the year so far.
19:15: I keep fidgeting and shifting around, incapable of finding a comfortable position.
19:20: Supposed break time. Contemplate fleeing but another girl beats me to it and am engaged in conversation so miss my chance.
19:30: Class recommences, contemplate weeping.
20:00: Must. Stay. Awake. Must. Stay. Awake. Please. Help. Me.
20:10: Have stopped paying attention and am checking twitter every couple of minutes in lieu of entertainment.
21:00: Fleeeeeeeeeeeeeee
21:01: Well I flee quite slowly cause I know I'll never make the early train.
21:23: Finally on a train home, though I think I only have about 40% brain power
22:00: Nearly miss my stop because I am so out of it, but manage to catch myself just in time.
22:15: Drive home is nightmarish, I cannot see anything through my windshield when the lights hit the pouring rain. Bah. It's so dark out it feels like winter.
22:20: Home at last! Coffee! Chocolate! I may yet survive.
23:00: Curl up in bed with a Sherlock Holmes tale and think the rain is actually quite lovely when I am safe from being attacked by people's wayward umbrellas.

Riveting stuff, isn't it?

Music: Dog days are over - Florence + The Machine
Mood: Cold

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