Monday, March 22, 2010

Timey Wimey Stuff

This is a note from my future self...or past self...or perhaps...well look it doesn't matter. What matters is that by the time this gets posted, I will have done the following things:

- worked
- picked up things for dinner
- applied for an interesting position
- exercised
- uni readings
- finished writing one short piece, and edited the other
- taken Oreo for a walk
- watched 'Moon' and 'District 9'

These are most of the things past!self was meant to do on the weekend, and which were then accomplished in one afternoon to avoid an ass-kicking from future!self. Me. Or something. If all had gone according to plan, present!self will right now be sitting somewhere watching something....something uni related. That bears clarifying. So let's hope that's where present!self is and not playing bloody Bejeweled on Facebook.

Composed in the past future for the future past.

Music: Drums. That's what crazy people hear isn't it?
Mood: Time-travel-y

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