Monday, March 8, 2010

The time has come for your devotion

I watched the Oscars and lived to tell the tale. It is an amazing feat. So. Boring. I don't even know. Luckily I had Twitter to make it ten thousand times more amusing thanks to the snarky people I follow *tips hat* I am so happy The Hurt Locker won best director and best picture, it completely deserved it. Not to mention its other awards. Avatar won what it should have, and that is that. My faith in humanity has been restored. Now I never want to hear about the blue cat people again, I swear there was a mention of it every 5 minutes. The biggest surprise of the night for me was seeing Sam Worthington in a suit. My brain said "Whatwhatwhat he's not wearing shorts! Does not compute!" Overall though, I enjoyed the show infinitely more last year...which has everything to do with Hugh Jackman, I'm sure. The most important thing is that I have managed to get through awards season without so much as seeing Ryan Seacrest. I WIN mwahahahaha.

I've just realised Kathryn Bigelow directed K 9: The Widowmaker which was written by the husband of my Honours supervisor and who I have had a long lunch with, full of jokes and debate. That is...a weird thing to realise.

Now let's forget all about the Oscars and supposed quality film making, and instead focus all our attention on the new trailer for Iron Man 2. Aaaaaaaah! It's not going to be as good as the first one, obviously. They never are, but as long as it continues to make fun of itself, it'll be epic win. I have really come round to RDJ, ever since 'Kiss, Kiss, Bang, Bang' really. Despite Sam's best efforts however, Johnny Depp remains number one in my affections - how can he not be, when he is such a delicious deranged lunatic?

That is my not so subtle cue to talk about Alice in Wonderland, which I really enjoyed. I think a lot of people continue to misinterpret what Tim Burton is all about, which to me is kind of silly considering how long he's been around. This was exactly what I would expect from him, and it is gorgeous. I adore the costumes, and the visual style is arresting as it always is. Personally, I don't tire of it, regardless of what many critics say. I think he always bring a touch of the macabre, and there is always texture and depth - no mere black and white situations - and I think that is brilliant. Of course, I love Depp's turn as the Mad Hatter. He brings such a quirky individuality to his characters that really make them more than what they are - to borrow from the text, much more muchness. I also thought Mia Wasikowska was a convincing Alice, and to those who say she looks like she's on heroin...that's kind of the point, isn't it? It must be said that Lizzie and I yet again got distracted by our fandoms intersecting into one big ball of awesome, everyone say hi to Snape the Caterpillar and Saruman the Jaberwocky. Plus there's Stephen Fry, Michael Sheen, Crispin Glover, Helena Bonhem Carter, and Anne Hathaway - there is nothing here not to like.



My weekend was rather lovely all round. I had the friend's kid's 11th birthday which was rather amusing, especially the part were I read everyone's creative writing, went on one of my 'Cedric is not Edward or in fact remotely talented' tirades, and got them all worked up about clowns coming to get them in the night. Well, that was more the next door neighbour than me, but us 22 year olds stick together. We were about four twenty-somethings hanging around and I had a wonderful time mocking the three guys as we watched various sports and consumed too much red wine. I also ended up spilling half the content of the chocolate fountain on the carpet. As you do. It was a surprisingly amusing evening, even with everyone initially kind of baffled by what to make of me, which is of course the way I like it.

Last night I was seized by this overwhelming melancholy and fear of a life of failure and defeat. It happens every now and then when I realise I have no real career ahead of me, and definitely no job security thanks to this unfortunate desire of mine to write. Being a writer is hard, I have no illusions about that. I think creative types are actually rather brave, telling the world to fuck off and doing what they want, regardless of the chance of success. It's simultaneously liberating and utterly terrifying. I keep telling myself that there is no point dwelling on it though, and just to keep doing what I love, and with a little luck and preservation, I'll survive.

Now, the question for today...

> Day 3: Favourite Television Program

Torchwood. Easy. Though I have to say it shares the top spot in my affections with Doctor Who, as they appeal to me in different ways. The thing I loved about TW was that it never took itself too seriously, and yet it was incredibly dark in its humanity. I've had many people say to me that it is hard to like anyone on that show, and it is precisely that element that appealed to me. It's rough around the edges, and yet somehow still silly and cheesy and light-hearted. It was 'real' in that way many shows often claim to be, and yet had all sorts of crazy stuff happening with aliens and pet pterodactyls. It is the only show I have ever gotten involved with in terms of an online fandom, and gave me an OTP. As for DW...well what can I say? It's Doctor Who, it's science and magic and myth; and wonder and awe and excitement. It's being captivated, being simultaneously young and old, and being swept up in imagination so that the world out there holds a promise that it didn't have before. So yes, I have loved many television shows in the past, and no doubt I will love many more, but looking around my study right now, it is absolutely clear which ones have captured me the most - posters, figurines, books, dvds, and cds all stand as proof that my heart belongs to the Whoniverse.

Parting note: Listening to the first Cobra Starship album, I'd forgotten how much fun it was.

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