Saturday, March 20, 2010

The twisted web they weave

> Day 15: A fanfic

Ah how I fondly recall days in the past when I would have scoffed at the very notion of recommending a fanfic. That girl was idealistic but weak, so let me present a short fic entitled 'Driven like the snow' by misswinterhill. . It is of course a Torchwood fanfic since that is the only kind I’ve ever really read with any conviction. The thing I’ve always loved about this fic is its ambiguity and the slow build-up it creates. I love the perspective used because it’s something different and it's interesting to get that point of view. Plus it has this really quiet imagery that I think works for it.

If we’re talking fanfic series – there’s this piece called ‘Bright Darkness’ by used-songs that I thought was nothing short of brilliant because it it is a Chaucer ‘Canterbury Tales’ crossover fic. With middle english and everything. unfinished though (short one chapter) because unfortunately she was writing it just before Children of Earth and never had the heart to finish it afterwards. It’s a proper team fic, completely random, slightly insane, at times intensely poetic, and while it sometimes veers a bit out of character, it is overall very clever.

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