Monday, March 22, 2010

If there was nothing there all along

Ugh. Epic headache.

I have done most of what I was supposed to do today - about 75% I'd say. I just didn't get round to the film watching. Right now, I'm getting ready to tackle my readings for tomorrow. I just need to get some of that empowering Iced Red Tea first. Hmmm.

I'm so desperately trying to instate a routine of some kind in my life, but I fear I am constantly thwarted. My dad's erratic shifts means I can't really plan my in-house activities, while the habit of the other receptionist at work to randomly message me to swap shifts doesn't help either. She did that this morning so now I'm working Friday PM instead of my usual morning shift. I really don't like the afternoon shift, it drags out far too long and I don't like having to do things *before* work. It just feels wrong.

It is gig week this week -Brand New on Thursday, Lostprophets on Saturday, and Gogol Bordello next Tuesday. I'm hoping to get to them all, somewhere between work and uni.

Oh, also congrats to Em who officially graduated tonight! *throws streamers*

Random note of the day: I've really had to grow into indie music. I used to find bands like Death Cab, Wilco, The Decemberists etc completely boring but I listen to it quite often now. I guess some things just happen organically.

It was one hundred degrees
As we sat beneath a willow tree
Whose tears didn't care
They just hung in the air
And refused to fall, to fall

And I knew I'd made a horrible call
And now the state line felt
Like the Berlin wall
And there was no doubt
About which side I was on

Music: Crooked teeth - Death Cab For Cutie
Mood: Headachey

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