Monday, January 11, 2010

We all deserve something

Aaaah. Got a call from the paper I'm doing work experience at asking me what section I would prefer to work in. Now, having expected the filing, research and coffee-making type of "work experience", I said I really didn't have a preference. She then goes on about how she'll find somewhere and how she expects me to write. This is the part where I start panicking slightly. I haven't done any kind of journalism in well over three years really, I'm just going to make an idiot of myself *breathes into paper bag*

I did buy a nice suit though, so at least I'll look good. Yes, I have finally given in to the temptation of acquiring a decent suit. I actually just wanted to get the waistcoat, and inadvertently ended up with the set. It's an investment really...or so I keep telling myself. Plus now I have something proper to wear when I have to fly business class again, instead of trying to pass off my black jeans as dress jeans (it's a staff travel thing).

I had a nice day with Lizzie yesterday. We drove up to Leura to have a bit of a look around and catch the promenade production of A Midsummer Night's Dream in the Everglades Gardens. It was absolutely brilliant, and the setting was pretty great too once we got past the original five minutes of rain. I am such a Shakespeare fangirl, it's crazy. I just think there's nothing better than seeing it on stage. The Bell Shakespeare Company are doing King Lear and Twelfth Night at the Opera House, so I may go check out one of those as well.

I have a much quieter week this week which I am thankful for. I'm just trying to save money and accumulate some funds for the whole going to SA and Supanova things. The only concrete plans I seem to have at the moment are heading to the library tomorrow to pick up some uni books I requested and going to the National Gallery in Canberra on the weekend to catch their visiting Musee D'Orsay exhibition. As mum keeps pointing out, I have seen these works before, but it's nice to appreciate culture in your own backyard (for a change). Besides, with some things it really doesn't matter how often you see it, it's still amazing. Oh, I'm also seeing Roze as she returns home from her escapades around the UK this week. She has one hell of a climate adjustment in her future.

So yes, that's my week. Do some uni work, read some Great Expectations, freak out over not being a journalist, do some writing, and hang out...and away I go.

If you knew I was dying would it change you?

So when you see me falling backwards down the wall that says I'm still alive,
Don't be cautious when I'm cautiously approaching on the other side
Everybody has their reasons, that's the reason we're all going to die

Because if seeing is believing,
Then believe that we have lost our eyes

Is it possible to be in love with a song?

Music: I can barely breathe - Manchester Orchestra
Mood: Tired


  1. OMG yes it's possible to be in love with a song! Manchester Orchestra are dangerously good at creating such songs. Most of the 'I'm Like A Virgin' album has that quality of being able to alter your entire psychological state, actually. Some music should come with a health warning... :P

  2. They are just so good at creating atmosphere. I don't know, I fall in love with the imagery and with the scene they create, it's just so...vivid, I suppose, but that doesn't seem like the word I'm looking for really. But yes, glad I am not alone!