Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I want candy

Well, as you can tell, I survived. It wasn't particularly enjoyable, but it wasn't horrific either. I did about four weeks worth of gig guides, sat in on a meeting (which, with just 2 people excluding me, is barely a meeting), and was then sent off to interview someone for the advertising feature. I've just finished that piece and I am supposed to do another one for tomorrow but I haven't heard back from the source's too late to call now right? I am going with yes. So that's what I have to follow up on tomorrow.

Uh...yes. That's all I've got to say about the day. I really don't think journalism is my forte, but then I never really have. It's just something to fill up the time. They seem quite willing to keep me on for as long as I want, and why wouldn't they, I'm doing the work no one else wants to do for free. I'm just doing it to get some experience really, and while it's interesting, I don't think I'll be able to maintain this along with uni and everything else I have going on.

There is absolutely nothing on television, my dad insists on watching crazy shows on Discovery like 'Air Crash Investigation' or 'Mega Builders' or 'When buildings explode!' (I made the last one up, but I'm sure there's something like that out there). I keep saying "Let's watch How I met your mother/Top Gear" but it falls on deaf ears. Ugh.

Anyway, as I'm getting progressively more annoyed, I think I may take my leave and do some reading. And I don't know how long I can keep holding out on watching End of Time, it's gnawing at my subconscious every time I find myself with a moment to spare.

Music: Discovery Channel
Mood: Lethargic


  1. dude you CANNOT watch End of Time without me. I need support!!!

  2. Well come ooooover! I can't stand it anymore, it needs to be done, like a band-aid. RIP IT OFF.