Wednesday, January 20, 2010

This story's old but it goes on and on until we disappear

Another day of reluctant journalism behind me. Today I had the dubiously riviting task of collating a list of all the schools in the area, their phone numbers and address, their principals, and the principals' email addresses. Twelve pages later, I still hadn't even rung any of them for the principal info. But still, data collection and analysis is something I excel in, mind-numbing as it is, and I was quite content to sit there all day and just do that. Oh, but they had other ideas. So now here I am yet again stuck with an advertising feature to write about education. It's a dream job, I promise you.

I know it's a terrible thing to say, but I think I have even less interest in journalism now than before. I mean, when you're little you have this perception of journalists and reporters being kinda cool and intense -they're on the tv, writing for the paper, highlighting injustice and righting civil wrongs. Eeeeh not so much. A lot of journalism just seems to be embellishment and pandering to your advertisers. All in this incredibly rigid structure of particularly ordered facts. There's no joy to be had there.

Journalists seem strangely like school teachers to me, in the sense that they appear to live in this little enclosed bubble that seems somehow removed from the rest of the world. There is also a huge amount of leading going on, when getting quotes for stories or such. It's the sort of behaviour that gets you fired if you're a lawyer. In the office today though, things mostly and inevitably led back to Prince William being here. It started when one of the reporters got stuck behind his motorcade this morning, and followed with a live feed of photos being checked. And okay, to be fair, they were writing a story on his visit, but still people, come on. I swear 70% of the news last night was devoted to him. All I could think watching it was that he must be bored out of his mind. I mean honestly, who wants to do things like this? I can't help but draw the conclusion that being a dignitary of any sort most suck.

But anyway, I just hope someone calls me back so that I can finish this bloody article.

Right now though I'm heading over to Em's. They are going to be braving Children of Earth tonight. Well I say they are braving it when they are in fact braving the ball of useless emotional angst it turns me into. This is my first time re-watching it *scrunches nose*

Look at it, six months and it's never even been opened.


But other than the impending angst, slumber party FTW! Wooooo!

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