Thursday, January 7, 2010

Of fandom and change

I stumbled upon this, and though it makes me feel sort of sick and traitorous just to admit it, it does kind of make me excited for season 5 (and no I still haven't seen the regeneration so shhh).


I've also heard Chris Chibnall has written a two-parter for the season. He wrote 4 of my favourite TW eps, I'm so glad to have him back. They've also got Gareth Roberts ('The Shakespeare Code' and 'The unicorn and the wasp' - both of which I adore), and Toby Withouse ('School Reunion', 'Greeks bearing gifts', and virtually the brain behind Being Human) amongst others. It's rather enticing.

Hmm. Just realised it's been six months since that day, the day it was finally confirmed that I was completely unhinged on the particular topic of *stage whisper* Torchwood. I can't believe it's been half a year. It doesn't feel that long.

And on that topic, I'm not sure why anyone is even remotely surprised by this so-called Torchwood musical scored by ABBA that never was. There's been talk about a musical ep forever, maybe not specifically who or how, but there were whispers all the same. It's kind of funny though because the foundations for that is all over the EU stuff, off the top of my head Gwen and Ianto discuss ABBA in 'The Twilight Streets', it's mentioned again in 'Risk Assessment' by Jack, and again in the radio play 'The Dead Line'. There was also one occurrence where Owen was contemplating writing a musical based on his experiences with TW...jokingly of course (and to be called Weevil Rock You.) But who cares, this is just a set up to say check out the comments to the io9 piece on it because loons have started adapting ABBA songs, atm there's Waterloo and Fernando - "Can you hear the drums Jack Harkness?" indeed. Epic. I love geeks.

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  1. hahahaha remember when they did this for Lord of the Rings. There was My Saurona and Elf It Be, amongst many others

  2. Ah yes! Those were they days, LOTR fandom was goood.