Saturday, January 2, 2010

I go back to...

And we, looking at them, we see thought taking its leave. We see thought. It is a portrait of thought, according to Rembrandt. Thought is not the weighty thinker seated. It passes, inside, distracted, traveling, it is the foreigner, the stranger.
He paints the foreigner, the stranger in me, in you.
The times when under the letter’s sway—
we suddenly become the stranger, the foreigner in ourselves. We separate ourselves from ourselves. We lose ourselves. From sight also.

[Helene Cixous. Stigmata : Escaping Texts, p 17.]

Theory, it is but two months since I thought I'd banished you, and here we meet yet again. I've printed up a list of all the books for review and reference I will be needing in my semester and located them in the State and UTS libraries. I might go in on Wednesday and dredge them all up. One is online, which is what I'm reading now. Sigh. I've sorted my timetable as well, as long as the university doesn't go changing subjects as they are so fond of doing.

So, first semester I have Non-Fiction Writing, Advanced Narrative Writing, and Critical Writing. Spring semester I'm doing Theory and Writing, Popular Fiction, and the Writing Seminar (which is unfortunately a tute and a lecture). Then my final semester will be Professional Editing and my Professional Writing Project. Followed hopefully by a paid internship overseas.

All my classes are 3 hours and they're all at night. What fun.

The Soundwave timetable has been announced. There are of course clashes, but nothing too major. For example, You Me At Six are on the same time as TBS, which is a shame. I'd love to see them, but I've never seen TBS live and I'm afraid they win out. I still have to run times past Miss L, but my tentative line-up goes in the following order:
Closure in Moscow
Sunny Day Real Estate
Taking Back Sunday
Eagles of Death Metal
Motion City Soundtrack
All Time Low
My Chemical Romance

Of course it all depends how far the stages are apart too. Definite subject to change.

Anyway, back to the theory.

Music: Back to black - Amy Winehouse
Mood: Working

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