Tuesday, January 5, 2010

In which we organise ourselves

If you haven't caught sight of the whole "big gay battle" thing, I highly recommend you check it out because it is rather amusing. I only saw it thanks to Neil Gaiman's tweet and, I like Neil, would like to vote Team Barrowman. I think NPH is brilliant, but come on, it's Jack we're talking about here. Anywho, it is good fun to watch it all happening. People are loons, and I mean that in the good way - which doesn't happen very often, I must say.

As for me, every fibre of my being wants to crawl under my duvet and resume the hermitism I so love. I am trying very hard not to listen to every fibre of my being, though it is hard when the epic list of things to do seems to grow exponentially. I've got things on well into next week, and even then I have occasions clamouring for attention. Being social is exhausting. And I am still broke, which is...well my own stupidity really, I suppose. Luckily I'm working again *shakes fist at capitalism*

Tonight I am off to see The View with Lizzie, by far one of my favourite discoveries of last year (thanks to Abbi, of course). Scottish bands FTW. However, I am actually jaw-snappingly tired (from all the yawning, you see), so I am concerned how I am going to survive. Red bull, probably. Hmmm caffeinated goodness.

I need to get some notebooks and a diary, to cross-reference my comings and goings with Donna. I mean her organiser is very good, but something a bit more tactile to scribble in may prove more effective at actually keeping me organised.

I never thought I'd say this, but I'm itching to get back to uni. I'm even looking forward to having theory to complain about and essays to leave until the last minute and then berate myself over. I don't know. It's just too weird to sit at home with nothing to really do in that line, that's why I've started reading theory of my own accord. If that's not a worrying sign about one's sanity, then I don't know what is.

Now *cracks fingers* to-do lists:

> Paint nails
> Look up SSO/Psycho performance for M
> Apply for internships
> Volunteer for festival work
> Look up cinema screen-times
> Look up Sydney Festival times - Grizzly Bear, Camera Obscura etc

Before going back to uni:
> Get books from lib
> Beach day
> Who marathon for R
> Acquire diary/notebooks
> Finish Cixious theory
> Finish Great Expectations, Jane Eyre

Um...um...there's so much more but I am far too hungry to focus right now and I know that once I've wandered off, I won't come back and this post will never be published. So I'll leave it there and go forage.

Music: Another heart calls - The All American Rejects
Mood: Hungry


  1. Mmmmnotebooks *drool*

  2. I always buy pretty notebooks and then I don't want to use them! Bit pointless, but enjoyable.