Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The wavelength gently grows

You know, I've done more in the past few weeks to go outside my personal comfort zone (that same zone that exists under my duvet) than the last four years combined. It seems 2010 is already kinda a huge year. But I think I've had enough now and I'll happily retreat back. Perhaps that makes me weird, but I have never pretended to be anything other. But hey, I resisted the overwhelming urge to run, I took Abs suggested approach, and it's all for the better really. For me, I mean. It's good to start the new year by not giving in to my myriad of social issues.

I hung out with the boy in the city again last night, well we started off in the city - copious drinks and dinner. It was followed by geeking out, Dr Horrible, Buffy ect etc. I was completely 110% honest, which I've been the entire time (and that in itself has surprised me) and I will probably never hear from him again. But hey, it was a fun little exprience these past few weeks. Trying to get home at 4am is not so much fun, but eh *shrugs* I got here in the end.

I'm itching to get caught up on some television, it just keeps adding up. I also need to do some writing, aaaaand there's some more applications to be sent in. And it's only the 7th of January? All this socialness takes some co-ordination. Try though I might, I still fail. I was going to go to Stono's gig tonight, then on the train last night I realised it was actually on the 6th. Soooo disappointed, I had it all worked out *headdesk*

My elbow still hurts.

Music: MK Ultra - Muse
Mood: Bored

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