Thursday, January 7, 2010

Flotsam junk will do just fine

The point is, we can always get better. We can always get more eccentric. When was the last time you wore a cape? When was the last time you wore diamond rings over your leather gloves? Do they make leashes small enough for hamsters? If so, how many will it take to pull me on a skateboard? One hundred? Two hundred? Will they obey my commands? These are the questions you should be asking yourself in 2010.

I concur, Mr. Devine. I concur.

Can I also just point out that I love Castle? It's so much fun. Although I must admit I miss the super stylised opening scenes they did for the first season, there was something strangely beautiful in all that.

"Unemployed divas who live in glass houses rent free should not throw stones."

I also got the End of Time specials so as soon as Lizzie and I can get together, we'll be getting that out of the way...and probably weeping. Hm. Something to look forward to.

Oh oh, Neil Patrick Harris ended up winning the poll. By something like 30%. I'm going to miss the insane tweets and not-so-subtle innuendo. Well played gentlemen, it's been entertaining *tips hat*

Finally, why must absolutely everything be a massive issue? And by that of course I am referring to the KFC ad madness, why does the US care about our ads? Especially one that's cricket-centric? They don't even have cricket in the US...and besides, everyone knows Australian TV operates on an entirely different platform than anywhere else. I personally don't think the ad was racist, it never even crossed my mind, to me it is the critics that have made it racist by giving it context it was never meant to have in this country.

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