Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I never claimed to be an angel though

Good morning starshine, the earth says hellooooo.

Last night proved quite the adventure, as all things inevitably do. Lizzie and I just can't help ourselves, when we're together I think our brainwaves cancel each other out. It started off well enough, we had dinner - and there was no one else inside so it was like the staff was watching us eat, but anyway. We got into the city and we had to stand around waiting for the support to come on for aaaages - an hour at least. It took far too long, but it was rather amusing to observe the crowd who were by far the most boisterous lot I've ever really encountered. There were Scottish flags of every description and a lot of chanting and signing what may or may not have been Scottish songs. I think all the Scots in Sydney found each other there and congregated. It was rather amusing to watch the spectacle. The View were amazing too, they were so energetic and twitchy and adorable. Good times. We then spent a good portion of the evening outside fending off unwelcome advances from insects as we waited for the NRMA to show up and revive Lloyd's battery so Lizzie could undertake the torturous drive home. See, always an adventure.

My right elbow is hurting like crazy. It feels like the entire thing is bruised but there's nothing there. Sigh.

I've been throwing out requests for work experience and internships all over the place, just cause, and today our local paper called me to invite me in for two days this month with potential for a longer spot. So hey, that's something at least. I start on Wednesday.

I have so much to do but I'm watching 'Love the Beast' with dad at the moment. Oh well. I should probably focus on that properly.

Things to pursue - Camera Obscura and Grizzly Bear at Beck's Festival Bar, King Lear and Tosca at the Opera House.

Music: Love the beast
Mood: Lazy

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