Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Lie awake but dreaming

I love waking up to packages in the morning. One I was expecting because Agent99 told me she had sent it from Cardiff before she left, the other arrived waaaay quicker than I had anticipated. The latter is a custom skin I had made for my laptop, cause I am a loser like that. They were supposed to send an email when it went to print which I never got and it's from San Diego, thus the surprise at its early arrival. Anyway, here is poor Sheldon now that he's been geeked out (like pimping except with much greater social stigma)...

Sheldon cloaked in Who

Things like this is the reason I'm constantly broke. Honestly, there is no hope for me.

Sticking to the fandom side of things (ha, like that's something new), Roze sent me a signed poster (one of fifty apparently) wrapped in so much bubblewrap it fills the heart with joy. Bubblewrap! Back on point, the reason I feel this is blog-worthy is simply because Roze has been trying to get me a signed fandom something or other since about Year 10. I don't know if she remembers this, but I do. Always with schemes and plans and plotting, and all because I'm an obsessive nutter. Now she has finally succeeded! You are a fandom enabler, Ms Roze, I salute your efforts and thank you for not only putting up with me, but encouraging me. The madness of it!

But anyway yes, packages are a lovely start to any day :)

Meanwhile, Great Expectations is trying to kill me. I've been reading it for what feels like years of my life (it's only been about two weeks, and I have had to intersperse it with other things) and I'm only 200 pages in. That's not even halfway! I don't know why I'm doing this to myself. Don't get me wrong, I mean it's well written and there are some clever turns of phrase and what have you, but I find it so dull and hard to engage with, it's work to get through it. I hate it when reading feels like work, I'm a page-turner reader, I breeze through a book when it catches my imagination, I have to be transported and not want to put it down. That is why I've never been a fan of canon literature, I find 99% of it to be so terribly hard to become immersed in, and so unrelatable, that I find it painful to read. I read enough dull things for university because of necessity, I don't want to do the same in my free time. But still, I'll struggle through this all the same. I was going to try Jane Eyre again after this, but at this rate I doubt I'll have the will.

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  1. LOL - many fans of canon literature would be with you on that estimation of Great Expectations :P And I happen to be of the opinion that nobody should read things they hate. Especially if it's not schoolwork, woman! It defies the point of reading.


  2. Yes, it does defy the point of reading! Every now and then though I get the urge to read canon lit and just give it one more try, becasue surely I'm just missing something when other people enjoy it so and this time I will find that something and understand what the fuss is about...never happens. It's completely wasted on me.