Friday, January 22, 2010

All the cards begin to stack up

We are not feeling our best today. I thought I'd have a bit of a nap around 1.30 and woke up 5 hours later. Hmm nap, hey? I'm still completely exhausted. I think I may be having a delayed reaction to the sleeping pills I've been taking, but it doesn't say anything about side effects *scrutinises box* Oh I don't know.

Anyway, the day didn't get off to the best start this morning, and it was later thrown wide open when my appointment at the hairdressers was cancelled cause they hadn't gotten my colour in yet. Thus the napping. Now my dad can't seem to make up his mind whether he wants to go to SA or not even though it was all his idea. Sigh. I'm feeling rather brittle.

I'm definitely going to take French classes this year. I missed out on learning it in school and it's not fair. I had nothing. Well ok I had Zulu from year 5 to 7, not that I absorbed any of that except to say hi, bye, and fetch the milk, and I obviously had Afrikaans until I moved here, but once here, that was the end of language studies. I love languages. I think when I'm done with French, I might take German. Or Dutch. Ik denk dat het zal beetje gemakkelijker zijn.

Um, 'het' is 'dit' right? Where did my mother get to...

Meanwhile, for the procrastinators, check this out - first person tetris! It takes some getting used to but I am committed, even if it does make me feel vaguely sea sick. Courtesy of Mikey Way on twitter.

I will leave you with this (from here):


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  1. Thar first paragraph sounds like it could have been written by Mat.