Tuesday, January 12, 2010

In which we bite off more than we can chew

Currently sitting in a cafe outside mum's work having a chocolate milkshake while I wait for 5 o'clock to roll round so I can bum a ride home. I'm such a slacker, I had to get money off her for the milkshake in the first place. I haven't been this broke since I started working, it's appalling. But it is a rather delicious milkshake and the only thing to compliment this sort of weather, it's about 30 in the city but it feels a bit hotter thanks to the 68% humidity. So yes, another reason why I have taken refuge in the blissful airconditioned sanctuary that just so happens to dispense yummy beverages. Hmmm. I think I might make this my writing cafe, it's very nice, has internet and is quiet as it's a business cafe - at the moment there are three suits congregated around their Mac like a campfire. They seemed rather perplex when I dragged my blue and black striped self in *grins*

Anywaaaay, have made a rather successful dash to the UTS library after work to pick up a book I had shipped in from the Kuring-Gai campus, and since I was there I got a few others as well. I figure I might as well read them while I have some time, although why I think I have time is beyond me really. I had to go past Basement Books and nearly imploded with want at all the new stock they have in - they sell all the stock other bookstores can't move at discount prices. The thing that got me the most was that they had the complete works of Emily Dickinson for $9.95! I'm so broke I don't even have that in my account! The woe. I hope they still have it next week, then I shall go in and spend money I should be saving. They also have the last James Bond one for $2, there were two girls standing there pontificating over how they never knew Ian Fleming was a pseudonym until i felt compelled to interrupt and point out that it wasn't, he's just dead and Sebastian Faulks is masquerading as him. Score one for Jen not minding her own business. They had their usual collection of classical literature, including a bunch of Sherlock Holmes mysteries for $3. I had that in coins so I bought one. Books! I want you all!

Oh dear, just got a text from the boy to hang out tonight. I turned him down, I start my work experience tomorrow and I am already too nervous about it without adding vodka headache and late night to it. Oh, and the cash issue I suppose. I keep forgetting that. It's not my fault, it's society! Ask Karl Marx, he'll tell you.

Anyway, I am keeping myself as busy as possible this year. On top of work and uni and this work experience deal (not sure how long that'll last for, at the moment it's only for the two weeks), I am also tagging a community on LJ (although to be fair, this takes all of ten minutes) and I am going to be doing some editing for MobyMag - an online magazine made specifically for mobile phones. I've always thought it was a very clever idea to make the most of the boom in handheld devices accessing the net, so I'm looking forward to getting involved. It's all submissions, so you (you know who I'm talking to, yes you, the amazing writers that lurk here sometimes) should consider submitting something. It'll be fun!

Meanwhile, I'm also going to be volunteering at the Sydney Writers Festival and the Sydney Supanova, I'm just waiting for the registration to open up.

Hm. I think this year is off to a busy, promising start really, all things considered.

The sun is shining right on my back and it is far too hot for this *sigh*

Next up on my agenda, editing the mess that is my NaNo novel.

Oh god, work at the paper tomorrow. What if I suck epically? What if people?? Gah. Wish me luck and, you know, standard avenge-my-death-if-I-die protocol applies.

Music: What you waiting for? - Gwen Stefani
Mood: Hot


  1. Good luck amazing woman! I'll be thinking of you over the next few days. There is no way you will fail, epically or otherwise.

    Sounds like you've got some amazing stuff planned. Now all you have to do is come to England and everybody will be happy.


  2. Next year, I'm sure there's a paid internship with my name on it over there somewhere.

    Thanks for the luck!