Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The end of time

It is Australia day and as I had the day off, Lizzie came over. We finally got around to watching the End of Time specials and all I can say is I'm glad it's over. I am not a big fan of the two-parter, I must admit. I find it messy and kind of pointless and annoying in bits (For one, why if you can throw the diamond through a holograph, don't you just throw yourself through it? Also, Timothy Dalton *sigh* I knew that wasn't going to go well. And what the hell was with the Master's resurrection scene - um hello, Voldemort, are you in there? AND THEN he becomes Iron Man. Honestly people. Don't even get me started on the faux Han/Luke pod fight against the missiles. There is very little that makes logical sense really, but having seen Four eat a leaf for no apparent reason, I am not going to harp on about logic in the franchise too much.)

Then there were bits that were as entertaining and funny as always, and I must say that I loved the Master's ending. I love it when the bad guys get some justification - that's why I love characters like that, you see, the truly fucked up kind as Abbi always says, because they have the potential and depth that can come out at any moment. John Simm you truly are a master (haha see what I did there? What? Not funny? Oh okay.) Wilf kind of broke my heart a little, but it wasn't nearly as painful as I thought it was going to be. Near the end there I even thought they were dragging it out a little and I just wanted it to be done with. I mean sure it's nice and nostalgic, but was it really necessary? Maybe knowing what was coming and waiting so long for it just allowed me to steel myself for it, but then I've never been a very emotional watcher save for that one thing which was actually entirely out of character for me and which I will never forgive them for. And on that note - the bar scene, do you want to know what my initial response was? - "oh, fuck you!" Yeah, sanity, it don't live here no more.

But overall, though it felt overstuffed and tried a little too hard, it was a fitting ending for Ten, beloved as he is. It's sad to lose his awesomeness, and no doubt millions over the world seconded his last words. But the story does go on and happily (no doubt some people will hate me for this) Eleven's first antics made me grin. After all the angst and the waiting and the epic horror that has been the Whoniverse this year, that was just an amazing feeling. I cannot wait to see what Matt Smith will do with the role and I am excited. Yes, I said it. Bring on autumn!

A new start, a clean slate, and no harbouring of passive aggressive blame (fare thee well RTD, may you never darken my horizon again...except you know, when you do another season of TW...but please don't do another season...no really, don't...oh I'm so screwed.)

Tonight I'm heading off to Em's for an old school Star Wars marathon - four, five, six, back to back. Nerd out.

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  1. Jeremy Irons!!! That's who Timothy Dalton reminded me of.

    And I'm sorry but Matt Smith has an odd shaped head. It's weird looking!!!

  2. I'm sure someone else has reminded you of Jeremy Irons in the past. Is there something about him that's particularly memorable for you or something?

    You are going to criticise Matt Smith no matter what. You're still in mourning, and that's fine, I totally understand that - I am going to judge whatever fool replacement they drag in for Ianto. But I like him. I think he's a grower - he's adorably spazzy.