Sunday, November 1, 2009

Burning through the sky

I should be sleeping. Why is this such a foreign concept to me?

I'm woefully behind on NaNoWriMo already, I've just written little over a 1,000 words to ease the guilt of not doing anything during the day. I shall find time for it sooner, I will. I had other things on my mind today. Like the lovely Roze, Em and the latter's other half (as he doesn't believe in twitter or blogging or anything really net-esque I shall refrain from dragging him into the madness even in name haha) dropping by. I took the opportunity to make a proper dinner which is something I've always wanted to do, so it was a full three courses. Well, ok I didn't actually make the dessert, but don't bore me with details! Mum had to supervise the sauce making as well, since I wasn't quite confident I wouldn't muck it up, but in the end I think it went alright. I also used the opportunity to crack open a loooovely bottle of red wine, seriously it's the best red wine I have ever had, it's just perfection. It's from Noon wineries, and it is really just that good.

The entertainment of the evening came in the form of Wii Trivial Pursuit. Oh, the chaos, mayhem and destruction. Roze and I were at our distracting bests, and were both marked as untrustworthy. I'm sorry, we really did think Paul Newman was in Spartacus! Anyhow, it was quite hilarious. Em won, we were all overjoyed. It felt like hours had passed in the face of Sport & Leisure and Science & Nature questions. Ah, good times.

In six hours I'll have to drag myself out of bed and struggle through a full day's work. Good luck to all those with essays due in...oh I don't know, eight hours or so...and to those with upcoming exams! You poor suckers.

Music: Don't stop me now - Queen
Mood: Slight headache...I'm not blaming the wine!

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