Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Unravelling the mystery that all started with a big bang

Hola Nerdmigos! I can say that as Lizzie came over today so we could indulge in that age old practice of Doctor Who fangirling. Bless the internet. They didn't really think I was going to wait until December to see it, did they? Fail, Australian television, fail.

Firstly, I got a lovely surprise at 7am this morning when my birthday present from Abbi arrived. I think this means I have now received all my birthday presents, and it's still ten days until my actual birthday. Roze and Em have had the custom Crumpler laptop bag made for me, which I don't actually have yet but it's ready and regularly flailed over. My parents had this custom canvas print made from a photo I took because I always wanted to buy the Eiffel Tower one at IKEA. It now hangs above my bed. Lizzie got me lots of lovely things on her travels, including a cute red and black skull scarf. Now Abbi has concluded the fangirl gifts with a Ianto figure as well as earrings and tights. I'm more than content.

Then, of course, there was The Waters of Mars. Hello creepiness! I think that space suit should get some sort of prize for best supporting costume, although as Lizzie pointed out, it's only ever in creepy episodes. The main thing I got from it was how much resentment I harbour at the whole thing in general. Blergh. Children of Earth ruined everything. I know I shouldn't be like this, I know it. You know, intellectually and all that, I can see that I should be able to separate things. But I can't do it. I just can't. I'm not even getting as antsy and worked up as I previously would have because COE took it out of me. Now I love the Doctor, I really do. Not to mention that I love Ten, I'm going to be terribly sad when it's all over for him. I still kind of wanted to slap him when he got all power happy in the end there. I was just like...gah. It's because you fucked around with timelines that we're in this mess in the first place. That bit in the middle, when he was talking about Pompeii? Yeah I know what you did there, creators, I've read all your stupid interviews so I'm going to read into subtle subtext and kind of hate you for it.

See, I suppose my problem is that I was always more of a Torchwood fan before I was a Who fan. I know I'm in the minority and don't get me wrong, I adore Doctor Who so very much, but something about TW just clicked with me in a way few things do. If they made me choose between the two after season 1, I would have chosen TW. So I have a lot of resentment stored up, and I must say I resent it even more now that I know it's translating. Because I can't look at the Doctor without kind of blaming him for everything. Which is irrational, I know. But there you go. Mostly I just level my feelings of animosity at RTD *scrunches nose*

Still, I'm excited for the next one, The Master! Yessssssssssssssss.

God I am such a pathetic geek loser. Ah well. Such is my lot in life.

To compliment that sentiment, we watched the first seven or so episodes of The Big Bang Theory to round off the afternoon. I love that show so much. Sheldon! Hee. My mum calls it my Torchwood rebound relationship. She's probably right, although this one never causes any angst.

I'm now weighing up working on NaNoWriMo versus catching up on all the other things I haven't watched recently, like Merlin.

Man I really am a geek. Forget it, I'm going to go hang out at the comic book store.

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  1. Hey dude, thought re the Master.

    We know he's in the next one. We know that the old lady mentioned knocking four times. What was it the Master constantly did in series 2?

    D= D= D=

  2. bah series three. stupid fingers.

  3. I actually figured that from the minute she first mentioned the knocking. The drums, the drums! Eeeeee *shivers in anticipation*

  4. see I just try not to think about it and then when it dawns I want to instantly forget it again