Thursday, November 12, 2009

So keep it steady now

Em and I had a delightful girly day out today. It started with an hour massage at a Day Spa in York street, lunch and shopping in Balmain, and a bit more shopping in the CBD after. I really had a brilliant time. I also highly recommend a massage to anyone, it's well worth whatever they want to charge you.

Tomorrow we're hosting cocktails to celebrate the end of semester. I'm meeting Em and R for dinner first, and then the rest are congregating at the bar. Should be good, ignoring the bit where we're all flat broke and where I have no idea how I'm actually going to get home afterwards. Oh well.

Parentals are going away for the weekend. I intend to catch up on NaNoWriMo. So behind it's not even funny. Did get some decent writing done in Starbucks this morning. It was brilliant start to the day really. Finding out The View are doing a Sydney show certainly didn't hurt.

Other news - messenger still hates me, and I have four mosquito bites on my foot that itch like hell.

Some Mat Devine wisdom -

So, is there a guy out there for you? Absolutely. –But your life goal is not to ‘be thin’ to impress ‘that guy’. Your life goal is ‘to experience the best shit that the planet has to offer’ , ‘to make history’, and ‘to live up to your full potential’. You want an obituary that’s 5 pages long.. not 5 words.

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  1. Love Mat too much. I was going to post my other favourite but Blogspot still has some kind of fear of me pasting.