Saturday, November 28, 2009

I can haz cake

Remember that post I did the other day on how I have moved into geekdom? My birthday continues to support the trend. I've hardly received a birthday message that did not involve some reference to the Doctor or something related. My parents, having already given me my present months ago as it is hard to store a 2m canvas, still got me a little something today...a robot shaped flash drive. Sooooo cute! So, you see, all my presents continued to be in some way fandom or tech related. Thus again we can only conclude that a geek. Fantastic.

I sadly had to go to work this morning, blah. We did a batch of H1N1 vaccinations so we were rather busy. I have next weekend off thankfully. I'm still hoping to go away. Currently though, I'm sitting at home, pontificating over the fact that I should really be writing, and awaiting the arrival of cake. Hmmmm cake. Going out to dinner tonight, there may be shopping tomorrow, and the weekend is to be capped off with a night in, shenanigans to no doubt ensue. Considering how little enthusiasm I had for my birthday, I must say I'm rather enjoying it. It's calm and relaxed, something I haven't had much of this year. Sigh. Twenty two. All the milestones are behind me for the forseeable future. To think last year on this very day I was wandering around London with exceedingly wet jeans (I know, stupid tourist), and met Abbi for the first time in RL. It feels like forever ago.

Now, the random 'Risk Assessment' extract for today:

'Gin would be lovely,' said Jack firmly.
Mandy giggled. 'Oh no, my love,' she said. 'We've got tea or instant. And I can probably find you a digestive.'
Jack swung around to look at her, his smile whacked up to 11. 'This instant coffee? Would it be a very cheap brand?'
Caught out, Mandy flushed slightly. 'Oh, well, more of a discount really. Special offer. It's not branded, see, and quite powdery, but Ruth, she swears it's - '
Jack's smile peaked. 'Wonderful. I would love a cup of your unbranded instant coffee!' He winked, and turned back to Rhys, just in time for Rhys to catch what looked like a smirk of childish rebellion on Jack's face.

So passive aggressive, it's brilliant. Another classic moment brought to us by the mind of James Goss. There are oh, so many.

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