Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Swallowing the ground beneath my feet

"It looks like another installer is preventing Windows from working."

You know what else is going to prevent Windows from working? My shoe through the screen. For the last four days I have been trying to install the new version of Windows Messenger as they for some reason took offence to my old version (which in itself irks me, if I don't want to new version, why not just leave me be? I don't like the bubble-esque appearance of the new one.) As I could not sign in anymore, I had no choice but to click 'yes' on their update now dialogue box, but alas, that's were progress ended. I have received that lovely message ever since. I don't know what to do anymore. I can promise you nothing else is running while I'm downloading. I try to do it when I've just started it up and nothing else is open. I turned off my virus-protection thinking that may be blocking it and lowered the firewall...nothing. I deleted the old version and tried to start from scratch...nothing. GAH.

Meanwhile, I had such big plans for NaNoWriMo last night and then around 5, mum came home early with her work friend in tow. The friend and I decided this was excellent cause for wine drinking and Big Bang Theory watching (kites ho!). Then when we dropped her off, we continued the wine-drinking there. I'm not going to lie, I don't handle my wine very well. I can drink cocktails all night, but after three glasses of wine, I'm a giggly fool. Suffice it to say, the writing plans were sort of out of the window after that.

I'm going to try and make some progress today. As well as exercise, I've been slacking. I can't even blame my thesis anymore since that all officially finished yesterday. Shock and awe. This afternoon, I'm taking Gwen, Tosh, Owen, Jack and Ianto over to Em's place. Fandom ahoy.

Music: Dark Blue - Jack's Mannequin
Mood: Not bovvered

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