Sunday, November 29, 2009

I will bend the light pretend that it somehow lingered on

Aaaaah. Birthday weekend was absolutely lovely. Lovely! That can be said in an Eliza Doolittle voice if you so wish.

My dad insisted we go out to dinner last night as a family, so off we went to some place he saw in the paper and decided we needed to try. It was quite unique, once we eventually got there. Parking was a nightmare and I was rather less than enthused when I realized I had to walk 6 blocks in stilettos. These shoes were not made for walking over uneven terrain. It was not as bad as I expected, shockingly enough I think my feet are getting used to such abuse. But anyway. It was a Brazilian BBQ place that is sort of like an all you can eat buffet except they constantly walk around with plates of food that they bestow upon you when they pass your table. I must admit I was more interested in their jugs of Sangria, the solution of all of life's problems. I possibly drank a little too much, at my father's encouragement which makes him a terrible influence. Just for the record.

This morning I went into the city to drop some things off at uni and mum tagged along. We stopped at some factory outlets on the way back, which led to too much walking but I did acquire a frozen cocktail mix that comes with the instructions "Add bottle of dark rum and freeze." Perfect for the next 49 degree day with the girls, me thinks. Speaking of, my gorgeous friends all came over late afternoon, Lizzie first, followed by Roze, Em and boyfriend. There were board games, a lot of loud talking and teasing, quoting of Troy, Glee watching, Thai food, cake, lollies of all description, and it all ended in Uno. Yes, we are that hardcore. It was epic amounts of fun, so much thanks to the girls for talking me into doing something.

Roze also gave me a brilliant birthday card, which she always does, but it bears mentioning. Oh and also got my laptop bag! Heeeeeee. Em got me a gorgeous Paris themed suitcase-container-thing (technical term) which I've been coveting. My room is slowly morphing into a France theme, unsure when exactly this happened.

All the shenanigans means I have not worked on NaNo much, which leaves me with about 4 chapters to do tomorrow if I wish to break 50K. To the writing mobile!

Music: Clarity - John Mayer
Mood: Pleased

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