Wednesday, April 28, 2010

All your useless pretentions are weighing on my time

I find this two-party system of politics highly unfulfilling. Sometime in the foreseeable future I will yet again be forced to go out and vote, which to me is an entirely pointless enterprise. I do not want to vote for either of the major parties, and both their leaders instill a disturbing desire to run them over. I cannot vote on policy, because neither party has any consistency and, just judging by the last three years, Labour is highly ineffective. And the conservatism, it hurts. So excuse me if I'm not entirely thrilled at the prospective candidates. Sure, I could vote for a minor party, but they more often than not tend to throw their lot in with one of the major parties and what's the point of voting for say, the Greens, if in the end it just counts towards Labour? I don't think politicians try hard enough. Mostly because they know we have to vote for someone. I would go into another rant about the whole compulsory voting madness, but I'd just be repeating myself and no one ever listens to me anyway.

In other news...there is no news. I'm feeling a bit out of sorts, and am overwhelmed by the melodrama of others. Not my own for a change! I know, madness. I also feel if people don't want me in their lives, they should just cut me loose.

I am actually still in bed. I am too cold to move and I have a lot of work to do. Yay for laptops. But now I'm hungry, and food won't come to me, no matter how often I yell Accio breakfast! (I don't actually do this, but I doubt my parents would be surprised if I did...not that there is anyone home at the moment, but you know.) Sooooo, I guess this means I must drag myself from the warm confines of my nest of blankets and head downstairs. Sigh.

Side note: My reaction is really disproportionate to how cold it actually is. While most people don't find this weather that bad, I already have a double duvet, electric blanket, flannel sheet and normal blanket on my bed. It's 16 degrees out. I need help.

Music: While you wait for the others - Grizzly Bear
Mood: Hungry

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