Tuesday, April 6, 2010

That's what I get for taking it for granted

*twirls hair around finger and pops gum* You know what? My lack of urgency regarding work is really astounding. I think I have serious procrastination issues. There should be a technical term for this. It's not that I don't care, far from it - I can easily spiral into a maniacal perfectionism driven breakdown - it's just that I don't see the need to worry about any of it. Which makes it nigh impossible to get anything done a reasonable amount of time before the due date. I blame the Australian school system for this, I used to be so conscientious when I was younger. Also, I have become complacent thanks to all the coasting I've managed through the years. Atrocious, really.

I skipped class tonight to do some work - do you think I've done it? Noooooo. Don't be ridiculous.

Also, I realise I am two days behind on the dread meme of doom and I shall finish it all up soon. It's the last two, thankfully. Note to self: never do that again! And repeat.

Now I best be off to do some of the work I swore I'd do this weekend but didn't because...well I have no idea really. I don't know what I did this weekend. I think I slept through most of it. And did some reading. Hmmm recreational reading. What fun. There was champagne consumption for mum's birthday and much silliness. Oh, and of course I got to spend the day with Lizzie yesterday which is always an adventure - we saw Clash of the Titans which is hilarious if you take it on face value of its b-movie greatness and use every opportunity to make stupid geek jokes. I also toppled down the stairs and turned my right leg a lovely shade of blue. Not so amusing. Sigh.

...I really don't want to do any work though *pout*

There is an engine in my body
With every beat it lets me breathe
There is a machine within my body
If I could keep up with that machine that's in my body
I could do anything, be anything, see anything
I can feel the beat within my body
If I keep up with it could I catch myself?

Music: Do what you do - Cute is what we aim for
Mood: Grudgingly attempting work


  1. Hah! That first para could have been written by me. I am exactly the same... My only solution thus far has been painful all-nighters right before something is due in. Hope you're not quite as useless as that :P

  2. Almost! It is a serious problem and I can't seem to get around it, I think I'll blame the internet.