Monday, April 26, 2010

My head is a box filled with nothing

The best thing about having a dog is how stupidly excited they are to see you, even if you were just upstairs for five minutes. My little fluff ball always make me feel loved.

I have had a rather epic weekend. Friday night with the girls was exactly what I needed, even if I was in extreme scathing sarcasm mode - I'm so lucky to have friends who put up with me. R kindly made dinner and let us devour half her ice-cream store. We were supposed to have a Harper's Island marathon, but ended up watching Iron Man instead as K hadn't seen it. I have such love for that movie, I can't even articulate it. I have been flailing pathetically every time the ad is on for the sequel - my mum looked at me the other day and just said "Oh god, Robert Downey Jr has won you over, hasn't he?" I had to agree. There was also much joking and messing about, particularly when I randomly decided to research Captain Planet (what did people do before google and wikipedia?)

Saturday we went out for Lizzie's bday. We had a lovely dinner in Newtown followed by cocktails at Kuletos. I made my usual fuss about the maraschino cherries and stole any and all that were left unattended. The place was quite busy, so treks to the bar took their time, but it was a really lovely night. We were having such a good time, we didn't even realise it was past 1 and we'd missed the last train home. So started the quest of the night bus. The less is said about that the better, my feet still haven't forgiven me - look I don't have the best co-ordination at the best of time, add heels and a moving vehicle to the equation and things become even more complicated. But we survived, and despite some truly idiotic fellow travellers, we made it to the station and got home just shy of 4am. If you ask me, that's a time any party can be proud of.

We had grand plans of seeing a 10am session of How to Train Your Dragon but we were merely kidding ourselves. Sheer force of will got us to a 11:45 session instead. If you haven't seen this movie yet, you have to go. In fact, stop reading this, and go see it now. It is such a brilliantly enjoyable film - so damn cute. Young Hiccup (voiced by Jay Baruchel) dreams of killing a dragon in the hope of finally earning the respect of his village and the chief, his father, Stoik (Gerard Butler). The problem is Hiccup is nothing like his fellow Vikings and the harder he tries, the more things go wrong. When he befriends a mysterious and much-feared Night Fury dragon, he realises everything he's ever been taught about dragons is wrong, pitting him against the ignorance of his village. It is one of those films that is just completely enjoyable, even with the few Disney moments that seemed lifted straight from Aladdin and The Lion King. Hey, if it works, it works. Definite thumbs up.

How to Train Your Dragon

The second episode of new Doctor Who aired last night, and though I keep forgetting to remind everyone to watch it, I do hope people are watching it because Season 5 is absolutely amazing so far, and Amy Pond is brilliant. I'm really loving Eleven as well. Having new Who to watch is in general just good for the soul *wraps self in blanket of warm fluffy fandom* I ended the night with Howl's Moving Castle which I haven't seen in far too long, and it was just the perfect way to end everything, especially since I was (am) feeling less than well (I blame the night bus!)

That said, I think I may head off now to drool over jackets I can't currently afford and hope that by sheer force of will, they will materialise in my closet. My over-full closet. How can I have so much crap and yet always feel like I have nothing to wear? When I go to clear it out, I realise there's nothing in there I don't wear reasonably regularly and nothing I want to chuck. I have too many fetishes - shoes, jackets, t-shirts, bags. Honestly, what is wrong with me?

Random blog quote -

Would’ve been perfect to go into Manhattan for a while, but our tour manager forbade it... Apparently I’m a “liability”

This is such an ESM thing. Besides, Mat could hardly be surprised by this decision, he'd leave for the eleven hour wait and return two weeks later with no memory of any of it. Come to think of it, his tour manager must have a tracker on him. Nerves of steel.

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  1. Is it just me or does that dragon look a lot like Stitch of Lilo & Stitch... ??

  2. It does a bit, I think it's something in the eyes. I think it was done by the same company.

  3. An awesome weekend is very good for the soul! Good work padawan!