Thursday, April 1, 2010

I stand opposed to chaos that you chose

I'm beginning to regret ever starting this meme, thankful it's almost over. That said, I've decided to skip Day 26 (your week in great detail) and Day 27 (your month in great detail) since I have still been keeping up a vaguely normal bit of blogging while doing this and surely that still counts. I think I'll also skip tomorrow's one, Day 28 (your year, in great detail), since again this blog stands for that already. I don't feel like repeating myself - it's boring.

I am so knackered, the long weekend could not come soon enough. I don't even know why, it's not like I've been doing anything....actually that's a lie, I know why, I've barely slept all week and it's not the best way to go about things. It's made work longer, classes more trying, and everything generally distorted. Bah.

I saw R yesterday for the first time in aaaaages. It was a fairly quick hello/goodbye type thing but it was still lovely. It's impossible for any of us to get together because our schedules are all so radically different and generally clash spectacularly, so I take what I can get. I also managed to get in a bit early to do some birthday shopping for mum - being easter she is getting easter eggs in lieu of birthday chocolate. I also completely forgot to set my alarm and so ran spectacularly late all morning, including for my hair appointment I almost forgot about. Luckily they weren't very busy, so I got in and out fairly quickly which gave me time to finally sit down and watch Moon for Critical Writing. Such a good film, quite a unique set-up and Sam Rockwell is just amazing in it.

Class was fairly uneventful. I was useless and failed at engaging, I was just too tired to give a damn. I did however receive my first assessment back - distinction for the one piece, credit plus for the other. I don't know what it'll actually go down as since we're meant to only get one mark, so I hope it'll be a D. The C+ was for the piece I wrote while trying to crack the writers block and I am not going to lie, I was rather disappointed with myself. So much beating up to be had there. I was therefore content to merely wallow when I got home so I watched Up. I had my doubts to start with but really came round to it in the end. Russell is so adorable! And the chocolate-loving bird! We'd get into a major scuffle if that bird tried to steal my chocolate.

Everything else has been negligible. I wish I could just veg out all weekend but sadly I have many, many projects that demand my attention. At least there will be chocolate to get me through it. And I'm taking this evening off as well. I'm too tired to focus anyway.

Music: Mara and Me - Say Anything
Mood: Tired

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