Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Feel the pressure

I'm suddenly feeling quite sorry for myself. Mostly because you just don't notice, even when it's practically laid out in front of you.

I've spent the entire day doing nothing I was meant to and everything I wasn't. I even worked out a budget in what I like to call 'productive procrastination.' Oh and I watched a really excellent episode of Numb3rs ('The Arrow of Time') Now watching a repeat of Lie to Me. I am of course supposed to be working on my essay, due Friday. It's one of the most sensational things I've ever written - and I don't mean in the good sense of the word. I suspect my class will hate it, but I don't really care. I quite like it, sensational and borderline melodramatic language and all. Of course, this was the easy part - I've been putting off doing the actual theory and book references. Sigh. Damn my lack of discipline.

I get so frustrated, at selfishness, and procrastination, and everything.

One of my wisdom teeth is putting in an appearance and it is killing me. It's no wonder teething babies are so grumpy, it hurts. Plus other things are making me achy, which makes me slack on my exercise routine, and which generally makes me feel useless. Along with the things mentioned above.

Oh yes, I am a joy to be around this evening.

Music: Lie to Me
Mood: Working


  1. Jeanette if the tooth keeps reappearing just have it out!!

  2. It's not the same one, and it only happens every eight months or so. Besides, I don't have health insurance, how am I supposed to afford major dental work? There is no way I'm doing it in the chair either.

  3. You see this is where the NHS really is the way forward!