Wednesday, April 7, 2010

T minus one

> Day 29: Hopes, plans and dreams for the next 365 days

Study French, write a novel, get something published, go on exchange or get an internship, fencing, be social, have crazy adventures, lose and maintain the weight my body absolutely refuses to be, budget better, maintain a D/HD average at uni, be happy and confident, find the jacket of destiny...I know it's out there somewhere.

There is more, but I can't seem to hold onto it right now. I have lots of plans and ambitions for 2010. We're already a quarter through it, but I am not going to be complacent. I've had too much of that.

Day 30 will take some time, I need to make a selection first. It'll probs go up tomorrow and that'll be the end of it. Finally.

To flesh this post out a bit, here is a Hot Chip music video that makes absolutely no sense to me whatsoever.

Um. What?

Music: Read my mind - The Killers
Mood: Procrastinating. Oh, there is no hope.

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