Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Call to arms

Some of you may remember that I mentioned something about editing an online magazine a few months ago. Things have finally come together, and I am now officially the new Editor of Moby Mag. Rachel, the founder and previous editor, has been so busy with full-time commitments that things have unfortunately fallen by the wayside lately, but I am determined to pick it all back up. Mostly, this involves you – all you lovely people who put up with my rambling nonsense.

Moby Mag is a monthly magazine (at the moment) designed specifically for mobiles – pieces that can be read on the go on the ever increasing number of data phones. We have a wordpress platform that allows users to blog their pieces, and then I’ll edit and approve them as we go, until they get published at the end of the month (usually the 28th). We welcome submissions from all over the world, and they can be anything – opinion pieces; rants; political commentaries; reviews; poetry; short stories; thoughts on art, music or fashion; whatever. Cross-posting relevant pieces from your personal blogs are also fine with me. At the moment posts are gouped into four categories - rant, think, write, blog. It’s a great opportunity to gain some experience, build a portfolio, and just have some fun.

I know many of you are great intuitive writers and in-touch with social happenings, so I’d be thrilled to have you on board.

Check out the site here, and if you want more info on how to post, contact me at and I’ll send you an info pack to help you out.

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  1. Very interesting; congrads on getting the editorship! I'm still not quite sure what this mag is, er... *for*, though, so any potential contribution is stuck somewhere between whichever part of my brain gets me writing, and said writing's imagined target :)


    i look forward to the first issue! Sign me up for the subscription!

  3. @marigold Thanks! It's mostly just targeted at young people, it's "youth media", so anything that address their social concerns and, well, any creative writing really - smart, funny, sarcastic, friendly, cute, rude, arty, curious, caring, experimental. It's been inactive for a few months so there's an opportunity to do whatever really.

    @BI Thanks hun :)