Saturday, May 1, 2010

Mischievous leprechaun shenanigans

First things first, here is a list of 38 reasons why Iron Man is cooler than Darth Vader. I want Tony Stark. Make it happen, minions.

Oh wait, I don't have minions. That's definitely going on the to-do list. Note to self: Become supervillain.

International/intergalactic villainy does not seem so far fetched in light of the madness of the last two days - my entire life seems to have received some sort of electric shock and is suspended in the air.

I applied randomly for a job Wednesday night - being in one of those moods where I lamented the fact that I appear to be constantly broke - and got a callback the next day. This never happens! I was completely stunned. They organised an interview for the next day, so off I went yesterday. It went really well. I think this proves yet again that the key to a good job interview is to be completely indifferent to the outcome. It's an entry-level position, so it's definitely not rocket science, but it is a good opportunity, and the pay isn't bad, so it's definitely something I will consider should they offer it to me.

On the other hand, my proposal was accepted for the Torchwood symposium, which means I'm off to Cardiff in June. My bank account has had a seizure at the thought. I swing between excitement and nauseating nervousness. I hate giving presentations, what was I thinking even applying for this? To be honest I never thought I'd actually get it. But on the other hand, UK! I get to see Abbi a whole lot sooner than anticipated! Woo! The travel potential is partially why I applied for it. I'm such a conflicted individual. Of course, now I have to write the paper and study it and do fake presentations until I can do it in my sleep....and get new anti-anxiety meds so I don't suffer a coronary en-route. Minor details.

The problem of course is, if I get the job offer, they probably won't want me swanning off less than two months after starting - but this is a great academic opportunity, especially if I'm looking at doing a PhD in this line.

It's just funny how I thought I had everything planned, I had dug myself into a happy little rut and life was just going along unperturbed, then suddenly everything is surrounded in maybes and what ifs.

Anyway, I'm off to the movies with Lizzie. I'll give your regards to Tony Stark.

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Mood: Confused

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