Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Give me a reason to break with tradition

Last night James and I went to see Dead Cat Bounce at the Factory Theatre as part of the Sydney Comedy Festival. I highly recommend you go while you can (they're there until Friday.) It was absolutely fabulous, and I don’t say that just because I’m ever so slightly in lust with the lead singer. There’s something about him that reminds me of someone, but I cannot figure it out – I think it may be a goofy TAI-TV-esque William Beckett.

Anyway, DCB are a four piece Irish comedy band with wonderful songs about learning to drive, nights on the town, and rugby. Things everyone has struggled with at some point or another *cough* Here they are performing at the Opening Gala of the Melbourne Comedy Festival:

It was after seeing this that I decided I had to go to a show. It was a truly fun time, they’ve got great chemistry. I think I need them to follow me around just singing funny songs all day.

Now for a neurotic, self-indulgent update -

They actually gave me the job. How bizarre. It's a crazy busy role, but I'm sure I'll get the hang of it...hopefully. There's no one there to actually teach me, but hey. I start on the 17th, now I have to fun task of resigning from my current position. Ugh I feel so guilty leaving them! But no, I must stay strong.

The major drag with having a real job is going to be the eight hour days that for me will have to start at like 5.30 or some equally obscene time (in winter too, I weep for my future). The office is in Ryde which is technically only 20 minutes away, but with traffic it's sadly over an hour. I have asked whether I can start and finish early, so I have time to get to the city for class at 6, so that means I have the lovely work hours of 7.30 - 4. My best friend is going to be my keepcup.

What this means is mostly that my social life is going to wither and die, and I may never see my friends again. While uni is on, I mean. Of course the option is there to go part-time, and add an extra semester onto my Masters. See how we go, I suppose.

On the plus side, it's a good position to have on le resume and there's the joy of steady income and sick leave. And being paid for public holidays. Imagine that!

Aaanyway, they've given me unpaid leave from 14 - 23 June to go to this symposium. With staff travel we are usually told not to fly Friday through Sunday, but I'll see if I have any luck getting out late on the 11th (I think the London flight is something like 8pm, isn't it?) That'll give me a zombie day in London before heading off, and then returning on the 19th. I'll try to get a flight home Monday, which gets me here Wednesday I think, leaving a day to vegetate before going back to work. Phew. Luckily uni is finished by then, or my brain might melt.

Speaking of uni, um yeah, suddenly SO MUCH WORK. You see procrastination, if we did this in the break like we were supposed to, we wouldn't have this problem now. Sigh. I am supposed to volunteer at the Writer's Festival (only two days but with compulsory orientation this Saturday) but now I think I should probably pass on that, and focus on getting these assignments out of the way asap. So I'm not stressing myself to death as I am inclined to do. You may have noticed.

Now I must stop and go to the hairdresser. Graduation tomorrow.

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  1. Graduation! Eep! Best best best of luck :)

  2. omg 7.30-4?! *dies*

    well at least ur work is half and hr less than my work hrs.

    dw abt ur social life, ive already accepted mine is dead hahah, its not too bad, theres always facebook and emailing =)

    congrats on ur 2nd graduation! dont fall asleep during the ceremony haha

  3. I worked 7.30 to 5 during my internship and did classes. It sucks but in the short term worth it and doable. I promise...

  4. Thanks for the congrats guys!

    I'm sure I can manage the craziness, it's just getting used to it first!