Sunday, May 16, 2010

Yes, I am alive

So, couple of things.

1) Zombie plague flu has infiltrated the household thanks to my dad, it rapidly spread and I have been fighting it off with a wide-variety of things to varying degrees of success. One day I think I've triumphed completely, the next I am not so sure. But we deal.

Good ol XKCD

2) Regardless of the various levels of illness, I have been in a much better mood this week, and it seems the emo teenager has run away for the time being. Life's better when you're not stressing about everything, said Captain Obvious.

3) I have only one major assignment left to do - 1,500 word essay for critical writing. I still need to source the big essay for that subject, but it has been written and everything is basically tied up. This just leaves the Torchwood essay, but at least I won't be stressing too much about things now that I have gainful full-time employment.

4) Saturday was my last day at the Doctor's surgery, they were all very sweet and even got me flowers. I would have been there four years this June, so it is a bit of an adjustment. All this of course means...

5) Tomorrow I start my new job, so wish me luck.

Music: Doctor Who
Mood: Sleepy


  1. Good luck dude but you'll be brilliant. What's your title?

  2. My job title? Editorial Assistant. How important lol

  3. Don't knock the editorial assistant =P I'm one too!