Tuesday, May 18, 2010

In which Traffic becomes my Nemesis

First thing, thanks for all the good luck wishes (even though I asked for them). You are all so very sweet!

Secondly, what is up with the latest Christina Aguilera song? Now that I'm driving in peak hours and actually listening to popular radio, I would like to take this moment to say....aaaaaaagh. Why can't they just pick a style and stick to it, instead of constantly "re-inventing" themselves to sound like whatever is popular...which at the moment is Lady Gaga. And I don't think it really work for Christina to be honest. Also to local band Amy Meredith, they were called Panic! At The Disco and they did it four years ago - and better too.

Ahem. Moving on.

I have survived two days as one of the working masses. I can't say it's exactly inspirational. I don't rightly know if I like the job or not, I'm still too busy trying to figure out what is actually happening. I have been quite productive though - I think so anyway - and I have managed to get my account set up and all the files I need transferred, so hopefully this means I will be able to be a functioning team member. I work in an office surveying the warehouse with one other person, the deputy editor (though there are desks for about four others). The entire space is covered in magazines and packaging material. I'm going to be in there alone a lot of the time, as the deputy editor goes out on shoots and such. Which is, frankly, the way I prefer it. The rest of the section I'm in is populated by girls, mostly around my age - I noticed one lone guy today, I could practically see his will to live draining as one of the others kept going on about training and calories. I exaggerate. Everyone is super friendly, always a plus. So yes, on we plod.

I had the horrendous experience of driving in for uni today - thought I'd have a brain aneurysm
before I got there. It was dark with rain absolutely bucketing down so I could barely see, I had no idea where I was going, my GPS was being woefully ineffective in the CBD environment, and when I eventually fought my way through 40 minutes of traffic and got to the parking area I had chosen previously, it was closed. At this point, killing myself really seemed like the least painful option. I deserve a medal for persevering, trudging back through the traffic to a parking garage that would charge me almost double, but which was closer to my class so I only got mostly wet walking to it. I was miserable by the time I got there, let me tell you. It was of course whimsical and philosophical as always, which is great, you know, except that it feels like you're covering the same ground again and again to little effect. Sigh.

At least there was hot chocolate when I got home. That goes a long way to restoring the will to live of this slightly damp, headache inflicted, mildly stressed individual. Now press repeat.

Music: NCIS LA
Mood: Headache


  1. OMG, ur office sounds exactly like mine. Now u know why i hate my job hahah. so sad.

    i hate christina's new song! everyone kept saying how good it is, it sounds just like all her other songs back in the 90s! and if u think the song is bad, have u seen the film clip for it? err....shes a mother now...just keep that in mind.

    and ohhhh Amy Meredith, they do sound like panic! i was trying to figure out who they remind me of haha.

    have u tried parking at broadway? a lot of ppl tell me to park there coz its free.

  2. Where at broadway? The shopping centre? I'm not walking down from there! That's like...four blocks. Woe.

    That Christina song is teeeeerrible. She had such a good thing going with her last album, I don't know what she's thinking. I think I heard the new Eminem last night - it sounded brilliant. But I might be wrong. It was late lol

    Jobs are jobs dude, they all suck. What can we do? At least we get paid.