Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Always nice to see you Watson

I haven't been blogging, I know, terrible. I haven't really been online to be honest. I also haven't been doing work, and that is far, far worse. Oh well. Recap.

Bit of a mad weekend. Had graduation on Friday which was a lot less hectic than the last one. I got home after a bit of an odd day at work dodging the cold shoulder, and set off to lunch with my parents. I took them to the Blackbird Cafe on the harbour for an absolutely gorgeous late lunch, followed by the graduation ceremony, which was mind-numbingly dull. Luckily I sat next to one of the girls who was of similar mind as me last year, and we passed the time with many amusing remarks. The only way to go. My dad got me a giant bouquet of flowers, it's really pretty too. It's all glittered up with ladybugs and butterflies glued on - roses, lavender and carnations. Complete with balloon. Prettiest bouquet I've ever gotten. Mum got me 'Sherlock Holmes' after it finally came out on DVD. I was quite a happy soul.

I can't remember what I did Saturday, but it wasn't what I was supposed to. Oh no, that's right, I organised the study. Everything that's meant to be hung up now is. It's virtually all done except for the photos I'm still to print for the various photo frames hanging about the place - I've been trying to sort that out for over a year but other things keep distracting me. Also, I'm out of ink. Meh. Sunday was of course Mother's Day and, as dad was working, Mum and I spent the day shopping. It wasn't our intention (I was supposed to come home early and do some work) but that's how it played out in the end. We got five pairs of shoes between us, and a whole lot of new work clothes. I also picked up my latest 'best jacket ever' from Sportsgirl. It was a really lovely girly day.

Now I refuse to let today fall into the same unproductive black hole, so onwards we must trudge. R and I have a challenge going on to see if we can finish everything we said we would by Thursday at the latest. Someone yell motivational catch phrases at me while I work!

Music: My teeth clattering
Mood: Cold as bloody usual

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