Monday, May 24, 2010

The trouble is my head won't let me forget

I have nothing useful to contribute, I'm only dropping by to say:

a) Hey Peter Carey, get over yourself. He reportedly said in his closing speech at the Sydney Writers Festival that Australians are getting dumber because all they read are cookbooks and Dan Brown novels. I think all the writers need to lay off Dan Brown because the fact is people do read his books. By the bucketful. And frankly, I don't think they're all bad. They're quite informative in the sense that they have a lot of history and art in them. Good google fodder. That's not going to make you dumber. Also, I think all reading is educational in its way, not just reading prize winning literature. That's just pure elitist reasoning that I don't think really has any place in the modern environment.I learned so much from comics (and television), and continue to learn. The notion that we're getting dumber because we don't read is just absurd - we do read, perhaps just not what Peter Carey wants us to (namely him.) Besides, we're getting dumber because we aren't engaging with a wider objective across the board, and also because society seems to be going a way that no longer expects or even wants intelligence from the people. How else do you explain the popularity of Jersey Shore?

b) I adored Doctor Who last night. So, so much. I just loved everything! Rory is my new Rhys, and considering they have the same last name, I am just going to assume they are related. My silliness amuses me, let me be.

Somewhere romantic
Fish from space have never been so buxom
Yours is bigger than mine / Don't start
I'm a Time Lord, you're a big fish...think of the children
You didn't know her name
No, I kissed her mouth

Picspam lifted from here.

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