Monday, June 27, 2011

Wishing I'd been better designed

I have a broken toe. It is surprisingly painful. Or maybe it’s just the cold making it feel that way.

The urge to run away is so strong today. I don’t even mean run away overseas, I’d settle for Cairns or Broome or somewhere warm. We’re not even halfway and I’m already sick to death of winter.

Overall, had a brilliantly lazy weekend – despite getting extremely pissed at the guy in the Telstra shop when I attempted to acquire a new phone. He insisted there were all these things I couldn’t do (when others had already said I could) and then proceeded to mess about with my sim card despite me telling him not to and in the process I lost basically everything that was saved on said sim. He can be thankful my address book at least restored itself or I would have eviscerated him. Idiot.

That aside, R and I tackled Supernatural season 6. We’re 12 eps in and I’m not sure I know how I feel about this season. It’s improved since we’ve gotten rid of grandpa and the cousins (and Sam’s awful car) though – they were getting on my nerves. It's just a bit weird. I think because with the last season I’d gotten used to Sam and Dean pretty much being the most important people in the world, and now to have them treated as practically insignificant hunters again is…odd. While on the topic, cannot believe Sam wouldn’t hug Cas. The little bitch. Has Cas ever offered to hug anyone before? I don’t think so. Fail. Also, I think I actually prefer “Robocop” Sam to his usual self. It was rather nice to have a break from all his feelings.

Anyway. We should be able to finish it off in one more session, I think. Then I’ll be officially caught up and won’t have any choice but to sit around and wait for the next season with everyone else. Like a sucker. Ah well.

Oh oh, I rather enjoyed last night’s Merlin ep. This was something of a relief because last week I was thinking that I’d kind of gone off the show. It’s just not hitting that same note of ridiculous adorkability for me that it used to and really, how many times can Uther be a raving zealot? And I wish Arthur could just know about Merlin’s magic already – I mean really, how slow can he be?

Conclusion: I really watch too much television.

Music: The death rattle of the (largely useless) aircon


  1. Hold on, how did you break your toe?

    You should come and hide out here. It's about a zillion degrees. I am melting...

  2. I fell up the stairs, kinda. More like my foot went up and my toe stayed behind. It's a bit of a theme this month - last week I did the sprawling up the stairs bit and bruised my knee and elbow. All round stair fail.

    I have googled the temps over there and I am dying of jealousy - it's my idea of perfection. I'm happy to send our 11 degrees your way in exchange for that delicious warmth!