Thursday, June 23, 2011

Nothing worse than knowing how it ends

I was thinking about X-Men last night (cause that’s just what I do now) and you know what, it’s all very Harry Potter. Secret school led by benevolent figure with great power randomly plucks ‘gifted youngsters’ from every day life and teaches them to control their powers – and sometimes some of them have adventures.

In other news, heartbreak! I got a call from Telstra today informing me that I need a new mobile as my phone will basically stop working in October. I wasn’t surprised, I’ve been expecting it for months – ever since Gabe Saporta tweeted a pic of the letter he received from T-Mobile about the same thing. The Danger platform that powers the sidekicks is being shut down. He was upset, and so am I. They’re not the coolest phones, or the best, but I loved my sidekick(s, I’ve had three). We understood each other. And now, after six years, I have no choice but to let go.

Which is annoying really, since I’m going overseas in six months and I don’t really want to be saddled with a new bloody mobile phone plan, but what can I do? I also most definitely don’t want to be saddled with a touchscreen, but again, what can I do? They goddamn things are everywhere. Also, the hiptop plan was stupidly cheap. I had unlimited text and web usage, all for $30 a month. Nothing can match that. Now there’s just another new expense for me to deal with. Le sigh.

The first person to suggest I get an iPhone will receive a fork in the eye.

Music: Guys messing around on the roof


  1. Maybe see if someone has a secondhand phone you could use on a prepaid plan until you go away, then get a phone for overseas? You won't be using your plan when overseas anyway.

  2. Meh, I figure I might as well just get a new phone now and take it with me. I think I'm just going to get the smaller Galaxy outright and use it on a prepaid plan for now.