Saturday, June 4, 2011

The stars have all been blown out

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Guyssss, come on. River can't possibly be the Doctor's daughter or his mother - they've made out! They flirt all the time! I'm all for weirdness but that's taking it a bit far for Who. If it was Game Of Thrones on the other hand...

Anyway, seems like I'm in the minority with this but I have got to say, I've really been fascinated by the latest series of Doctor Who. The interwebs, Tumblr in particular, is all abuzz with how unbearably convoluted and rampant in mind-fuckery it is (complete with urban dictionary entry.) But, you know what, I like that. I like that it's intricate and that the arc is playing out in every episode across the series. I saw one comment somewhere that said 'this series has been more complicated, but I think more engaging and coherent too' - I agree with that, I think it is more coherent. Provided the pay-off at the end of the season is big enough, it'll be satisfying having the slow reveal across the season. (Kind of like how at the end of a SPN season you go 'Fuck yes! It all makes sense now! Sam, you idiot!' - except obviously without the Sam part.) 

And I must admit I like all the mysteries, how they build. I like how the monsters are more scary on a psychological level, rather than in that straight up creepy monster way. They head straight for the primitive fears, and there's something to be said about Freud's uncanny in it as well. Is it all over the place? Sure is, but I don't mind that. So instead of having a two-part season finale where the series arc is highlighted and brought together like in previous seasons, now the seeds of that arc is blatantly obvious throughout the season instead. So what? I for one am perfectly content to just go with it.

It's big, it's clever, and I'm suitably invested in the characters to stick around and see how it plays out. It may not be the straight up fun and enjoyable ride it once was, but if whatever they're setting up works out, it'll be incredibly satisfying. It just feels like the stakes are higher somehow. Frankly, I like knowing I have to actually pay attention to make sense of it all,, and I like that I, as a viewer, am being treated with the expectation that I can follow along and make sense of it. A lot of people keep banging on about it being too complicated or scary for kids...I don't know. Kids are an incredibly discerning audience. Adults often don't give kids enough credit, and forget that they view things in a different way. I say give them the benefit of the doubt, and at least it doesn't condescend,

Overall though, I say bring it on. It just better have a phenomenal ending. 

Side note: The Doctor's Wife was so beautiful. Neil Gaiman is a genius. 

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  1. lol I love that checklist. Epic win.

    I'm really enjoying the series too, it reminds me of series 4 but much, much scarier. I like how it's all linked. So far the only episode that disappointed me was episode 3. It is definitely terrifying!

  2. Seems no one liked ep 3, I didn't mind it really. But then I have absolutely zero judgment when it comes to pirates - I'm all Arrr! Commandeer that ship! Buckle me swash!...oh wait, did something happen? Too busy being an idiot to pay attention :P Case in point, today in the office our editor mentioned pirates and I was like OOOOH! *flails over everything* I'm like that dog in Up with the squirrel. Sad, really o_O