Monday, June 13, 2011

Fire starting in the dark

Well, it's happened. I have completed my course. On Thursday, I handed in my final two assignments, and all things said and done, I will be walking away with a MA in October. The last year has been harder than the others - not because it was academically harder, just more difficult to manage. Truth be told, I'm more confident with my academic abilities than I've ever been, but that's how it should be, that's the point of progressing through all these damn stages. On the other hand, juggling it with full-time work has definitely been tricky. It's been exhausting and mind-numbing...but hey, we got there in the end. And that's what I'm relieved about.

Funny thing is, despite my endless whining and stressing out, I'm going to miss uni. It's sort of bittersweet, having to finish up. I've spent nearly six years of my life at UTS and I've enjoyed it, really. It sounds weird, I know, but then I've spent more time at uni than I did at high school. So maybe my reaction to finishing up is sort of what people feel when they finish school. I don't know. I have every intention of doing my PhD after I've had a bit of a break (I'm even considering adding an extra major onto my BA if they'll let me) but it won't be at the same uni. So it's a definite end. Not a bad thing, by any means, it just...feels a bit weird.

Anyway. To celebrate the fact that I don't have any immediate academic deadlines hanging over my head (I'll worry about the remaining one next month), I've spent the entire weekend geeking out. Mostly this involved watching the first season of Supernatural (and I discovered that I've become far too invested in the Impala.) I also finally saw X-Men:First Class. So really, it's been an exercise in how much angst can be handled in a weekend. Answer: a lot. I loved First Class, so very much. And obviously I love those silly Winchesters too. Even though R and I spend most of our time yelling at Sam. Oh weeeell.

Still, it made for a lovely long weekend. Too bad I have to drag my sorry self to work again tomorrow. And there's so much to do too, gah. Stupid deadlines. But hey, only four days to go to more geekery. The insanity of Supanova awaits.

Music: Rolling in the deep - Adele


  1. Congrats dude!!! :)

    BTW I have heard from mum that leaded petrol is no longer made, so they must do something to the engine to make it like unleaded... or something...

  2. Yeah, you can convert the fuel tank so to speak, so the car can run on unleaded fuel. I'm happy to say there's finally been some good scenes of Dean working on the car. Though it broke my heart. Really, between SPN and Xmen, I've had far too much angst this weekend. Sigh.