Saturday, June 11, 2011

What are we doing tomorrow night, Brain?

For reasons unknown, my father decided to buy me a graphics tablet. I mentioned wanting one back in January and on Thursday he apparently thought it was time to to act on it - maybe it's meant to be an end of uni surprise, or perhaps he feels guilty for implying I should move out so he can get a bigger desk for the study - who knows? Either way, I'm grateful. Like I said, I've wanted one for a while.

So Jen, what did you do with your new tablet?

Oh well, how nice of you to ask. I'm quite fond of my desktop background so I thought hey, let's try and draw that. Having never used a tablet before, I had no idea what I was doing.

And so we learned that I have just as few artistic skills on-screen as I do on paper o_o But the tablet is very nice to use - much more manageable than a mouse.

Prior to this artistic failure, I was over at R's, kicking off our long weekend Supernatural-a-thon. We're watching season 1. Everyone is so young and adorable *hugs tv*

Right at this very moment, however, I am introducing mum to the world of indie music. It's fun. So far she's taken to The Decemberists and Wilco. I think it's going well.

Music: Is there a ghost - Band of Horses


  1. You are nuts. Absolutely bonkers. That is supposed to be an artistic failure???? I can barely draw stick figures. You have a talent, dear madam!

  2. Ah indie music! Your mum clearly has great taste. Mr Osbiston has just departed to go to an indie music concert in Hoxton dressed like the worst kind of hipster... you know where the clothes are so ugly the have to be "cool". I have decided to stay home and watch TV!

  3. Sweet of you to say, I find art endlessly frustrating though. It never comes out the way I want it to...but I like it, so I keep doing it. Sigh.

    Haha, worst kind of hipster. I hope he's wearing it ironically - that's the key to hipster-hood :P